The Prestigious Agility Club Annual Awards

Every year all Agility Club Members have the chance to win fabulous crystal trophies, which are presented at our AGM. We give awards to the winner and runner up in each height and in every Grade, so whether your dog is a Small Grade 1 or a Large Grade 7 (or anything in between) you're in with a chance of being an Agility Club Annual Award Winner. We also give awards to the winner and runner up in the junior and veteran league. As well as award dogs we also have a 'League Table' for clubs, please see the club league tab for details.

First Get Some Points and Enter Them!

Points can only be gained in 'Standard' (i.e. progression) classes as defined by the UK Kennel Club, 'Special' classes cannot be claimed for. Points are awarded on a sliding scale for places where the show awards a rosette, and unplaced clear rounds within the course time. Only awarded places or unplaced clear rounds within the course time, in scheduled standard single-dog classes can be claimed. Championship Jumping and Agility qualifying rounds may be claimed for but not the Final. Points from junior handler classes may be claimed for dogs entered in either of the Junior Under/Over 12 categories.

Points Awarded121110987654321

So, if you come 1st, you can claim 12 points. If you come 10th, you can claim 3 points.

For any other awarded place lower thn 10th but within the class's placings, you can claim 2 points (AP11plus) and if you get a clear round within the course time, placed lower than 10th or unplaced (UPC) you can claim 1 point.

Show organisers may choose to award places to the top 10%, 15% or 20% at their discretion. If there are only two places awarded all other competitors completing the course within the course time may only claim an unplaced clear.

Points can be gained at UK Kennel Club Shows whilst the owner/handler is a valid member of the Agility Club. For each point's 'year' a member's dog may only be registered in one category and with one club, this may be changed in January, but at no other time. Except that if your dog doesn't have a club entered then you can add one at any point during the year. For the purposes of the Agility Clubs point's league a dogs Grade will stay the same for the whole year. If you join during the year your dog?s Grade will as it was on the 1st January of that year.

Enter Them Where?

The best way to enter your points is online. Just login to The Agility Club website and click on Submit My Results. If you get stuck, then contact our Points Secretary.

Your points will accumulate through the year and will be printed each month in The Voice. You can also keep an eye on your progress online.


You have 1 calendar month from the date of the show at which they were gained to input your points. After that, they're dust!


In the event of any dispute the decision of the Committee is final.

Read the full Agility Club Annual Awards Rules here

About the Annual Awards
Annual Awards Rules
Top 3 from each category
Large Grade 1
Large Grade 2
Large Grade 3
Large Grade 4
Large Grade 5
Large Grade 6
Large Grade 7
Medium Grade 1
Medium Grade 2
Medium Grade 3
Medium Grade 4
Medium Grade 5
Medium Grade 6
Medium Grade 7
Small Grade 1
Small Grade 2
Small Grade 3
Small Grade 4
Small Grade 5
Small Grade 6
Small Grade 7
Junior Under 12
Junior Over 12
Veteran Handler
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