Novice and Senior Invitational Finals

Ryan Hennessy to Judge the Invitational Finals....will YOU be there? more.
Novice and Senior Invitational Finals
Created By: Sandra Ross - Fri 12th May 2017 @ 18:59 | Last Edited: Fri 12th May 2017 @ 19:00

This year The Agility Club is pleased to announce two brand new Invitational Finals to be held on the Friday evening of the Agility Club Show at Ardingly on the 28th – 30th July 2017.


The AGILITY CLUB NOVICE INVITATIONAL is open to dogs currently listed in the Agility Club leagues in Grades 3 – 5. Invitations will be issued for the top 10 large dogs and the top 5 small and medium dogs to run in a C3-5 final on the Friday night. Places taken from the league scores as at 1st June 2017 10pm, so make sure you get those results in!!


The AGILITY CLUB SENIOR INVITATIONAL is open to dogs currently listed in the Agility Club leagues in Grades 6 & 7. Invitations will be issued for the top 10 large dogs and the top 5 small and medium dogs to run in a C6-7 final on the Friday night. Places taken from the league scores as at 1st June 2017 10pm, so make sure you get those results in!!


The Agility Club will issue invitations by email shortly after the 1st June, we may approach handlers in places above 10th/5th if the top 10/5 are unable to attend. A reserve handler in each height may also be invited to attend and, if not able to compete will run as ‘white dogs’ before the main competition begins.


We hope that Agility Club members will enjoy this new addition to our ever-popular Starters Challenge Final and that lots of you will come and support this event. The finals will be run at full height and you must be a member of The Agility Club on the 28th July 2017.


The Judge for this inaugural year is Ryan Hennessy so I am sure we will have two lovely courses to run for those competing and to watch for the spectators. Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each height, rosettes 1st to 4th in large, 1st to 3rd in small and medium. I am certainly looking forward to seeing who our first winners are; I hope you all are too.



 The Agility Club


Created By: Janet Smith - Thu 11th May 2017 @ 16:57 | Last Edited: Thu 11th May 2017 @ 16:58


1. The invitationals should be billed appropriately as either “The Agility Club Novice Invitational” and “The Agility Club Seniors Invitational”
2. Handlers must be Agility Club members at the time of competing – Friday 28th July 2017
3. These special invitationals will be run under the relevant Kennel Club Regulations in force at that time. All handlers will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these rules and regulations. All dogs must run at Full Height.
4. The Agility Club Novice Invitational (C3-5) will be open to members of the Agility Club as follows:
Large Dogs G3-5 – top 10 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
Medium Dogs G3-5 – top 5 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
Small Dogs G3-5 – top 5 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
One reserve at each grade and height will be offered the chance to attend and compete in the event of a competitor being unable to run on Friday 28th July 2017.
5. The Agility Club Senior Invitational (C6-7) will be open to members of the Agility Club as follows:
Large Dogs G6-7 – top 10 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
Medium Dogs G6-7 – top 5 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
Small Dogs G6-7 - top 5 dogs, in each grade, as at 01/06/2017 (10pm cut off)
One reserve at each grade and height will be offered the chance to attend and compete in the event of a competitor being unable to run on Friday 28th July 2017.
6. If insufficient handlers from the top ten in each Grade and/or Height are able to attend, invitations will be extended to handlers who are lying in places 11-20 large and 6-10 small/medium at the cut-off time and date up to the maximum numbers stated.
7. Handlers will be invited to run in these events by email shortly after the cut-off date of 1st June 2017 (and before the closing date of the show).
8. Trophies will be awarded as follows:
Novice & Senior - Large: Trophies 1st - 2nd, Rosettes 1st to 4th place.
Novice & Senior - Medium/Small: Trophies 1st - 2nd, Rosettes 1st to 3rd place.



Annual Awards - Club League

As well as award tables for individual dogs we also have a 'League Table' for clubs, which is loosely based on the football one. When you register your dog for any of the annual award categories you can specify which club you would like his/her points to go to. Obviously the more dogs contributing towards your club's total the better!

Clubs enter the league table in Division 4, and can progress up through Divisions 3, 2, and 1 into the Premier League. At the end of each year (which finishes on December 31st) at least three clubs are relegated from the bottom of their Division to the one below, and the same number promoted from the top of the lower Division to take their places. It's at least three because clubs with zero points automatically move down. So if there are three or more of those then the other clubs are safe, otherwise the ones with the lowest totals are used to make up the three that move down.

To answer some of the more common questions. First, if you have more than one dog they can be allocated to different clubs if you want. Second, you can only change the club for a dog during the first month of a 'points year' not part way through. And third, if your dog doesn't have a club entered then you can add one at any point during the year. And obviously it's important that everyone uses exactly the same name we probably won't know that 'HDDTC' and 'Happy Dogs' are the same thing!

The league is a great way to get recognition for your club and trainers, and the winners of each division get their name added to a shield which is presented at the Agility Club's annual AGM.

Below is a list of current clubs listed in our database
If your club is not listed here, next time you login to your account details,
add a "Training Club" to your "My Details" and then allocate your dog to that Club. But please do check the list thoroughly, if a club is
registered twice but with slightly different names, then that clubs placing will be inaccurate.

3 Paws AgilityDivision 4Leamington DTCDivision 4 
4 Paws AgilityDivision 4LetchworthDivision 3 
A B And C AgilityDivision 4Lets Go AgilityDivision 3 
A To ZooomDivision 4Lewes & DistDivision 4 
A-SITDivision 4LG AgilityDivision 4 
Absolutely Barking Agility AddictsDivision 4LGT TrainingDivision 4 
AC AgilityDivision 4Lichfield And District Dog Training SocietyDivision 4 
Ace Agility BournemouthDivision 4Linda Cummings Agility Training Division 4 
Ace Agility ClubDivision 4Lisburn & District DTCDivision 4 
Ace of DogsDivision 4Little MeadowsDivision 4 
Active Agility Division 4Little Stars DTCDivision 4 
Active PawzDivision 4LMT AgilityDivision 4 
Agility 4 FunDivision 4Lone Wolf AgilityDivision 4 
Agility AbilityDivision 4Longwater Agility And Flyball Division 4 
Agility BudsDivision 4LoveAgilityDivision 4 
Agility FlyersDivision 4Mad About MuttsDivision 4 
Agility NutsDivision 4Magic AgilityDivision 4 
All About AgilityDivision 4Maidstone Activity DogsDivision 4 
All Four Paws ATGDivision 4Malmesbury Agility DogsDivision 4 
All4PawsDivision 4Marros Agility ClubDivision 4 
Anglesey All BreedsDivision 4MarshlandsDivision 4 
AnjuDivision 4MegagilityDivision 4 
Applause For PawsDivision 4Melton MowbrayDivision 4 
Ark House AgilityDivision 4Mercers Park AgilityDivision 4 
Attleborough AgilityDivision 4Merry Mutts D.T.CDivision 3 
Avon (Lanarkshire) Dog Agility ClubDivision 4Mid CornwallDivision 2 
AxstaneDivision 4Mid DownsDivision 1 
AylesburyDivision 4Mid Downs DacDivision 4 
Badgers GreenDivision 2MidwinterDivision 4 
Badshot LeaDivision 2Midwinter AgilityDivision 4 
Bank House BarkersDivision 4MillbrookDivision 3 
Barkaway Dog AgilityDivision 4Millennium Agility DogsDivision 4 
Barking MadPremierMilners Mutts Division 4 
Barking NeedsDivision 4MJS AgilityDivision 4 
Barnard Castle Dog Training ClubDivision 2MKDTCDivision 2 
Barnstaple DTCDivision 4Mole Valley Dog AgilityDivision 4 
Barrow-in-Furness Agility ClubDivision 1Moonlight Dog Agility ClubDivision 4 
BATSDivision 4MoorepawsDivision 3 
Beachside AgiltyDivision 4Moreton Dog Training ClubDivision 4 
BeaconDivision 4NDTSDivision 4 
Berkshire Dog TrainingDivision 4NedloDivision 1 
BillingshurstDivision 3NELS AgilityDivision 4 
Bincknoll Dog TrainingDivision 4NewlandsDivision 1 
Bincknoll Dog Training ClubDivision 4Newton Heath DTCDivision 4 
BlackCat Dog TrainingDivision 4North Cray And Sidcup ACDivision 4 
BlackdownDivision 4North DerbyshireDivision 4 
Blackthorn AgilityDivision 2North DownsPremier 
BlazeDivision 4North Norfolk Dog Agility GroupDivision 4 
Blenheim ATCDivision 4North Northumberland Dog Training ClubDivision 4 
Bookham LodgeDivision 4Northern Schnauzer ClubDivision 3 
Border LineDivision 4NORTHWEST AGILITY CLUBDivision 4 
Bordertrix Ultimate Dog SchoolDivision 4NottinghamDivision 3 
Brecon Dog AgilityDivision 4Oakwood Agility ClubDivision 4 
Breeze AgilityDivision 3Orchard AgilityDivision 4 
Bretons Dog Training ClubDivision 4P3 Training AcademyDivision 4 
Bridge HousePremierPacheshamDivision 1 
Broadland Agility Dog ClubDivision 4PackingtonDivision 2 
Broads Agility ClubDivision 4Padworth PawsDivision 4 
BromsgroveDivision 4Patanden AgilityDivision 4 
Browns TrainingDivision 1Patch Agility Division 4 
Bure Valley AgilityDivision 4Paws 2 Go Agility ClubDivision 4 
CaerphillyDivision 3Paws 2 TouchDivision 4 
Cambridgeshire CaninesDivision 4Paws At PlayDivision 3 
Canine SportsDivision 4Paws Of ParhamDivision 4 
CanineKineticsDivision 3Paws On AgilityDivision 4 
Canterbury Dog Agility ClubDivision 4Paws On The LevelsDivision 4 
Cantref GwaelodDivision 4Paws4agility (lincoln)Division 4 
Carn BreaDivision 4PawsabilityDivision 4 
Castaspell AgilityDivision 4Pennard Dog Training ClubDivision 4 
CATSDivision 4PenniwellsDivision 4 
CC AgilityDivision 4Perfect Pals Dog GroupDivision 4 
Celestine Dog TrainingDivision 4Petden AgilityDivision 4 
Celfee Agility East MidlandsDivision 4Phase PurpleDivision 4 
Central Bedfordshire Canine TrustDivision 4Phaze 2 TrainingDivision 4 
Chance Agility ClubDivision 3Phoenix Agility Club - South WalesDivision 4 
ChartPremierPhoenix SomDivision 4 
CHATDivision 4Pingy AgilityDivision 4 
ChazacDivision 4PODSDivision 4 
ChazakDivision 4Pole2Pole AgilityDivision 4 
Cherwell Valley AgilityDivision 2Prestbury ParkDivision 4 
Chesil Bank Agility ClubDivision 4Pure Chaos AgilityDivision 4 
ChippenhamDivision 4Q4 Agility ClubDivision 4 
Chipping NortonDivision 1Racingredd AgilityDivision 4 
CippenhamDivision 4Ramsey Dog Training ClubDivision 4 
CK9 Training & AgilityDivision 4Raven River AgilityDivision 4 
CKTPremierRayleigh Canine AgilityDivision 4 
Classy ClawsDivision 4ReadingDivision 4 
Clever Dog CollegeDivision 4RebelsDivision 4 
CleverpawzDivision 2Red Dog AgilityDivision 4 
CliftonDivision 4Red Dog Training Division 4 
CloudtennDivision 4Red Kite AgilityDivision 4 
ColchesterDivision 2RedgatesDivision 4 
ColliewobblesDivision 4Ribble Dog Agility Training ClubDivision 4 
ColtishallDivision 4Ridinghood Pet Dog Agility ClubDivision 4 
Connect Dog AgilityDivision 4Rightstart DTCDivision 4 
Conquest AgilityDivision 4Riot AgilityDivision 4 
CornwallDivision 2Riviera Dog Training And Agility SchoolDivision 4 
CortonDivision 4Riviera Dogs AgilityDivision 4 
Crackerjack AgilityDivision 4RoselandDivision 4 
CranbourneDivision 4Rosie GreenDivision 4 
Cromwell Dog ClubDivision 4Ross-shire ABC Agility ClubDivision 4 
Crooked Oak AgilityDivision 4Rother Valley Agility Club (west Sussex)Division 4 
Crouch ValleyDivision 4Royal Barks Agility ClubDivision 4 
Cyn Llan LodgeDivision 4RP AgilityDivision 4 
Dark Destroyer AgilityPremierRugbyDivision 4 
Dartford Dog TCDivision 4RVADivision 1 
DartmoorDivision 3Saffire AgilityDivision 4 
Dashin' DogsDivision 4Samantha Carlisle Agility TrainingDivision 4 
DBDTDivision 3SaramakDivision 4 
Deborahs Dog TrainingDivision 4SASDivision 1 
Deeside Dog Agility ClubDivision 4SAS North YorkshireDivision 3 
Dengie AgilityDivision 4Saxon Agility ClubDivision 4 
DerbyshireDivision 1ScallywagsDivision 1 
DervishPremierScramblesDivision 3 
Devon DogsDivision 1Secrets Agility Training Division 4 
Diamond Dog Agility ClubDivision 2SevernsideDivision 4 
Diamond DogzDivision 1Sheepcroft AG GroupDivision 4 
Dickson DogsDivision 4Sherborne Vale Dog Training ClubDivision 4 
Dig It Dog AgilityDivision 2ShrewsburyDivision 3 
Digby Chase Agility ClubDivision 4SmartpawsDivision 4 
DittoDivision 2Snakewood Agility ClubDivision 4 
Dog Agility Therapy AutismDivision 4SOATC (Scunthorpe)Division 2 
Dog CentralDivision 4SouldernDivision 4 
Dog TalesDivision 4South CotswoldDivision 1 
Dogmanics DATDivision 4South DevonDivision 4 
DogtalesDivision 4South DurhamDivision 4 
Donyatt Dog Training ClubDivision 4South Eastern AgilityDivision 4 
DordaleDivision 4SOUTH PAWS AGILITYDivision 4 
Douglas Dog Training Club (DDTC)Division 4Southam DTCDivision 4 
DownlandPremierSouthdownsDivision 4 
Downs View AgilityDivision 4Stafford FlyersDivision 4 
DRATDivision 4Stardom Agility Training Society Division 4 
E.Y.D AgilityDivision 4STARS (Stewrtry Agility Runners)Division 4 
East Yorkshire Agility ClubDivision 4Stirling AgilityDivision 4 
EastbourneDivision 4StonebridgeDivision 1 
Eastbury Manor Agility ClubDivision 4Stour Valley Agility ClubDivision 4 
Eden AgilityDivision 4Strictly AgilityDivision 4 
Effing AgilityDivision 4Suffolk Dog TrainingDivision 4 
Elm TreeDivision 3Suffolk Five RiversDivision 2 
ElyDivision 4SunnidayPremier 
EmpinghamDivision 4SurreyDivision 4 
EPACDivision 4Sussex County Dog TrainingDivision 4 
Essex Flyers DACDivision 4Sutton Weavers AgilityDivision 3 
Ev'ndans Ag ClubDivision 4SwalecliffeDivision 4 
Eve & DansDivision 4Swan School Of Dog TrainingDivision 4 
Fair Weather Agility ClubDivision 4Swansea Vale AgilityDivision 4 
FaldoPremierSWAT (Somerset West)Premier 
Fast Forward Dogs Activity TrainingDivision 4Taming CaninesDivision 4 
Field Of DreamsDivision 4Target Agility GroupPremier 
Flair Of The DogDivision 4Tarnys TossersPremier 
Fleckney CelfeeagilityDivision 4TenterdenDivision 2 
Fly-By AgilityDivision 4ThamesDivision 3 
Flying Circus AgilityDivision 1ThatchamDivision 4 
Four Paws Agility ClubDivision 4The Barking TrickstersDivision 4 
Fox AgilityPremierThe Dog And Handler Training ClubDivision 4 
FracasDivision 4TNG AgilityDivision 4 
Frittenden Dog AgilityDivision 4Top Dog AgilityDivision 4 
Frome Dog Training ClubDivision 4Top FlightDivision 4 
Fun Dog AgilityDivision 4Top Knot AgilityDivision 4 
Gemgray Dog Training Division 4Top Marks AgilityPremier 
GillinghamDivision 4Topdog TrainingDivision 4 
Ginney's FolliesDivision 4Touch & Go AgilityDivision 4 
Gleniffer Agility ClubDivision 4Touch Agility GroupDivision 4 
GodmanchesterDivision 4Touch Point 2Division 4 
Golden ValleyDivision 1Touchango Agility ClubDivision 4 
Good Dog Bom Cao. Espiche, Lagos. AlgarveDivision 4Trent ParkDivision 1 
Grafham Waggers AgilityDivision 4Trick & TreatDivision 4 
Guernsey Island Agility GroupDivision 4Trick Or TreatDivision 4 
Harlequin Agility ClubDivision 4TT Dog Training SchoolDivision 4 
Harrogate ATSDivision 2TuffleyDivision 4 
Hartley HoundsDivision 4Tunbridge WellsDivision 4 
Hastings Agility ClubDivision 4Up NorthDivision 2 
Haywards HeathDivision 1UpAndOver Dog Agility ClubDivision 3 
Heart of England DACDivision 4Upanova TigersPremier 
HeikymDivision 4Vale AgilityDivision 4 
Hereford Dog TrainingDivision 4Valley FarmDivision 4 
High Lane PDTCDivision 4VyneDivision 4 
High Peak DTSDivision 4Vynor AgilityDivision 4 
Highdown AgilityDivision 1WAGDivision 4 
HinckleyDivision 3WAGS (Wroxham)Division 4 
HJM AgilityPremierWagtailsDivision 4 
Honiton & DistDivision 4Wakefield DTCDivision 4 
Hope AgilityDivision 2WallingfordDivision 1 
Hug4Dogs - Positive Dog TrainingDivision 4Warbstow Agility ClubDivision 4 
IOM Dog ClubDivision 4WarehillDivision 1 
Island Dog Training Club (Guernsey)Division 4Watercombe Dog AgilityDivision 4 
Isle Of Man Dog Obedience & Agility ClubDivision 4WatfordDivision 4 
J9 AgilityDivision 4WaverunnersDivision 4 
Janet's JumpersDivision 2Weald Agility Society Division 4 
Jay's K9 BuddiesDivision 4WeardaleDivision 4 
Jays K9 BuddiesDivision 4WellingboroughDivision 1 
JDADivision 4WellowDivision 2 
JenPawsDivision 4Welshspell Agility ClubDivision 4 
JerseyDivision 4West Suffolk Agility ClubDivision 4 
Jump For JoyDivision 4WhirlwindPremier 
Jump N TouchDivision 4White Dog Agility ClubDivision 4 
Jumping JacksDivision 4White RoseDivision 4 
Just Dogs SouthWestDivision 4White Way Dog Agility TrainingDivision 4 
Just Happy Dogs Division 4Whitedog Agility ClubDivision 4 
K9 Agility North YorkshirePremierWhitminster Canine Activity ClubDivision 4 
K9 CapersDivision 4WhizzkeesDivision 4 
K9 Dog TrainingDivision 4Wight WizardsDivision 4 
K9 K8Division 4WigtonPremier 
K9 KrackersDivision 1WildpawsDivision 4 
Kando Canine CapersDivision 4WilmslowDivision 4 
Kembroke AgilityDivision 3Wirral Alsatian Training SocietyDivision 4 
Keston Agility ClubDivision 4Woodcote Dog Agility ClubDivision 4 
KidderminsterDivision 2Woof Agility GroupDivision 4 
Kingdom Of Fife Agility ClubDivision 4WorcesterDivision 4 
KIS AgilityDivision 4WrexhamDivision 4 
KRRs TrainingDivision 4WundermuttsDivision 4 
KS TrainingDivision 4Wye ValleyDivision 4 
Lands End Agility DogsDivision 4WyreDivision 2 
Lapford Dog ClubDivision 4Yeovil Agility ClubDivision 4 
Lark AgilityDivision 4ZactonDivision 4 
About the Club League Tables
Top 3 from each Division
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
If you were an Agility Club Member the points that you would earn at KC shows would also help your club to move up the league tables!
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