The Agility Club Amatuer Photographer of the Year Competition

If you are an Agility Club member you too could take part in out Amatuer Photographer of the Year competition!

Send us your digital pictures and we will print them each month in The Agility Voice and sometimes we may even use them on the front cover!

IMPORTANT: Please only send us high-resolution pictures, images from mobile phones unfortunately are not of a high enough quality for us to be able to print in The Agility Voice. Ensure the quality setting on your camera is set to 'best' and click away!

To enter the competition simply email your photograph(s) to Marie Douglas, our Editor, with a short caption for each one. The only rule for the competition is that you must be an amatuer photogrpaher. Action shots, puppies (our editor loves puppy shots), children, agility competitors, landscapes or portraits - anything as long as they're agility related. The winners are decided at our annual AGM in November by the attendees.

Below are the 2012 winners entries - do you think you could do better?

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