It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday more.
Created By: Roger Wilkin - Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 12:26 | Last Edited: Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 13:18

It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday.

John was a major player in steering the growth of agility in this country from the 1970's.  He became an active member in the formation of The Agility Club in 1983 and held the position of editor of The Voice for many years.  He also held a position on the Kennel Club Liaison Committee for many years.

John's wisdom and advice was always given freely to all who had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him and the shape of agility today owes much to the work that he did.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts go out to his family.

Rest in Peace John


Roger Wilkin

Treasurer, The Agility Club





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1stTracie ScottHolmelyne Flyte AW (B)BCPhase Purple28954103000214565
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5thMichelle GarbuttTail Of Olympus SunshineWSDLinda Cummings Agility Training 2101100000013276
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9thEmily PottleLuna Harvest MoonBCSnakewood Agility Club861311000000214
10thDerek WorganDel's Boy The MayorLABXHighdown Agility575200000003208
11thSally BriceStarmix PuzzleXCelfee Agility East Midlands1330101000000205
12thDanielle FowlesPoolhall Galaxy RockLABRADOREssex Flyers DAC912212010116195
13thELIZABETH STEELMolly My FriendXJanet's Jumpers1141000000000186
14thKaren BrooksPoppywillow Popstar AW(B)WHIPPETGemgray Dog Training 445101000007165
15thJacqueline SinnattBeattie From ErinGORDSETTBadshot Lea433312000000159
16thSue WhitmoreOpataz GeorgeLABRADORHighdown Agility2343100000026158
17thJana PascheMorgansR First Time FlyerCOLLIEXWhirlwind412313011036156
18thLaura KendonJARDINES JOLLY LADGSDEssex Flyers DAC832000000001150
19thChris TaylorSparkling Captain NemoXTarget Agility Group542000011009142
20thCharles MurphyHardyljess Mischief NightBCWigton642000000102141
21stSue WhitmoreStormboyThomasLABRADORHighdown Agility0541000100027136
22ndAlison TrotmanMalmelsa Romancing MarcelloGSPScallywags430500010003134
23rdChristine MowleArrocheyn ElliseGSDEssex Flyers DAC1522010001019134
24thJoanne Holyoak Wolstys Blue Eye LassWSDWigton621300000000131
25thKaren MartinAviary Blue TopazBCDiamond Dogz362100000000131
26thAngela CollinsMiraje Top SpecBCCanineKinetics530200120003130
27thGarry IlesGazAnnas DivaBCHighdown Agility522201000100130
28thChris TaylorPokedex Pika Of AngleywoodXTarget Agility Group524000001002128
29thJanet WillcoxProcastar Samuel JuniorGOLDEN.RETPachesham161030011007128
30thKathleen GrayGoing To The MaxXEssex Flyers DAC721001000004127
31stBarbara RichardsQueen Of The ForestWSDSutton Weavers Agility332211000005127
32ndLou AbbeyKoira's Rudy KangarooLURCHERDickson Dogs322111002115120
33rdShona BroomeDans DefenderLABRADORPhase Purple901000000000118
34thSally BriceMusic To My EarsWSDCelfee Agility East Midlands711100000001115
35thNicola TrickettThorntonfern KestrelGOLDEN.RETFox Agility503100100012109
36thBarbara DaviesNeeds To RunWSDFaldo411210001002101
37thAnn SizerRowanbriar Prima RendevousLABRADORWellow43010000000797
38thTeresa FaretraKilgetty KipWSDBerkshire Dog Training62000000000094
39thSue DennyDeccy DoodleXMerry Mutts D.T.C202310000001594
40thJaqui WilsonGracie Bell AnnieXJenPaws41200000000685
41stSarah BarrKenquartz WorthwhileLABRADORDickson Dogs23200000001079
42ndNeil VannLady Kacey Saves The DayCOLLIEXFox Agility60000000000072
43rdDeborah WilliamsBlamorder Just Like MagicSMOOTH COLLIE 40200000001171
44thSue WaldrenGameflight FlyerLABRADORDiamond Dogz30200000100666
45thLauren Davies LLs AlfieE.S.SPANCKT50000000000363
46thKaren FitzsimonsHe's Got A JazzboWSDDog Tales21200010000061
47thGarry IlesGazAnnas GizmoBCHighdown Agility30200000000157
48thJulie BarryFlo Motion Go With The FloXMaidstone Activity Dogs22010000000257
49thNicola PetcherMajesticjax Vegas TruffleWORKCOCKERFox Agility20210000000053
50thLeonie KnightBirkcross Thunder In The SkyBCUpanova Tigers40000000000048
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