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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stLee ButterworthPopsicle BloomWORKCOCKERFrittenden Dog Agility8746001001320302
2ndMilie RobertsMaster Of MayhemWORKCOCKERE.Y.D Agility462341131146242
3rdAnnette HockleyBojangles SurpriseXHaywards Heath6522121010028225
4thKarin BealesWillowtarn TantaliseSHELTIEMilners Mutts 10312100001023215
5thSue WintonLittle Jessie TasticCOCKERXChance Agility Club3660100010011185
6thGill DuroeDialynne Candy GirlBEAGLEWellingborough754000000003182
7thDi PoingdestreFAREWAY FLOYDBEAGLEWellow3243120000011158
8thHeather Glouchkoff Tiokanns Orange Tip Of Hemadamean AW(B)COCKER.SPANPhase Purple10100000000010141
9thGemma SwannTomas Tedda KidXNedlo1262100000119141
10thGemma AnthonyKanga Rue AW(B)COCKERXTopdog Training621210000002132
11thHelen FairchildFinal Reduction XDervish431211000001125
12thPatsie GouldingWillowgarth Winter HazelSHELTIESunniday1231000210115104
13thLisa SmithPop. Pop And AwayXWellow333000000100102
14thAmy GarcesOllie ChopsXJac's3311000000012100
15thJo RobsonREGGIE ROCKETXAbsolutely Barking Agility Addicts71000000000095
16thCharlotte AllenMinterburn Charlie Allen At JasperthornCOCKER.SPANConnect Dog Agility41300000000392
17thPaul O'connellChazak Midnight MysteryBCDickson Dogs34010000000190
18thIngrid FerbertIN A TIZ MR WIZCOCKER.SPANMerry Mutts D.T.C43000000000889
19thJacqueline PottPotty PipsqueakXWhirlwind24000000000775
20thRebecca HarrisMeadow Grass DancerSHELTIEWhirlwind51000000000374
21stJoanne LivemoreHenry WoodsterPARSON JRTRayleigh Canine Agility21201000000770
22ndRuth CairnsMy Charlie FarleyCOLLIEXBadshot Lea110121000001166
23rdTania BullQuinn The EskimoXHaywards Heath20201000000759
24thSophie JacksonShelridge The MagicianSHELTIEBroads Agility Club22000000000551
25thRhys ArcherRun Like Dar WindXEssex Flyers DAC22000000000147
26thWendy GilpinAnelu Celtic MistWORKCOCKERBarking Mad00211000000239
27thElaine BostockCommander VimesXPaws At Play00020000001525
28thFiona GommRevelations Of BersinkiacXPaws 2 Go Agility Club10100000000123
29thPaul GravestockDougal Dazzle Doodle Does It XCKT02000000000123
30thMarie Cassidy Dougiedoodle DandyXSutton Weavers Agility02000000000022
31stKim TaylorBottlesford Odd One OutWORKCOCKERBadshot Lea00011000000522
32ndJulian MillsBust A Gasket Of ValgraysXMercers Park Agility00100000010215
33rdAnne WestropeGrumble BumbledoreXCromwell Dog Club10000000000113
34thJuliette WhittakerRiverspell To Boldly GoBCWallingford10000000000012
34thMarie HumphreysNickila Running A MochaGERSPTZ(MITTEL)Barking Mad10000000000012
35thCarolyn SmithGatekeeper NutmegWORKCOCKERWelshspell Agility Club0000100000008
36thPat LeggateAnelu Celtic KeilinWORKCOCKERRVA0000000000022
36thMichael TurnerTimba Eight BelowE.S.SPANDiamond Dogz0000000000022
36thJill SimsPancho Lost PawsXSouth Cotswold0000000000022
36thTrisha MorrisBoshanti AlexisTIBET.TERRScallywags0000000000022
37thTracey MastersWorld Class WilmaMIN.SCHNAUZERBillingshurst0000000000011
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