It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday more.
Created By: Roger Wilkin - Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 12:26 | Last Edited: Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 13:18

It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday.

John was a major player in steering the growth of agility in this country from the 1970's.  He became an active member in the formation of The Agility Club in 1983 and held the position of editor of The Voice for many years.  He also held a position on the Kennel Club Liaison Committee for many years.

John's wisdom and advice was always given freely to all who had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him and the shape of agility today owes much to the work that he did.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts go out to his family.

Rest in Peace John


Roger Wilkin

Treasurer, The Agility Club





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11thHannah PayneDash The Way To Do ItWORKCOCKER 741010110000157
12thDenise NewboldByrecoc Delonix NavigatorWORKCOCKERSunniday342120010029143
13thHeather RichardsTenchleys Sirocco SpiceWORKCOCKER 542001000006137
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17thMaureen GoodchildCrystalgorse Onesie NuffXColchester221410000004104
18thHeather RichardsRisingmist Panto PirateWORKCOCKER 22230000000295
19thEmma TuffDesmond Lion Of ZionFOX TERRIERRaven River Agility51200000000394
20thJane BustinMalfulah Alfies SparkleTIBET.TERRChance Agility Club330000000002291
21stArthur Charles ArgentArrowflight Told You SoPOODLE(MIN)Faldo51100000000687
22ndPaula RoutledgeDanalimat Lemon DrizzleWORKCOCKERDogmanics DAT31300000000885
23rdMary CreedyCrokers KezzekWORKCOCKERSWAT (Somerset West)41100100000884
24thChris PaiceEbony Boy Moss AW(B)WORKCOCKERMillennium Agility Dogs22010100000971
25thChristina WilkinCH Whizzkees Silver Slipper (aws)KEESHONDWhizzkees40000000000957
26thEmma KnowlesLowenlands StarWORKCOCKERPaws At Play12101000000254
27thPaul BellDialynne MirraBEAGLEJ9 Agility21100000000146
28thBlyth FoxSanscott Royal VisionSHELTIEFox Agility11001001000541
29thRuth TobinWoodmagic JacWORKCOCKERK9 Krackers20001000000638
30thSheila CroftHillbilly JillyWSDSunniday01100000000829
31stPaula ZupkusThe Giddy KipperTERRXConnect Dog Agility10010000000627
32ndRobert TappinMegellan EspritMANCH.TERRGemgray Dog Training 20000000000125
33rdLinda RidingThe Twiglet ZoneWORKCOCKERTop Dog Agility20000000000024
34thJennifer CleghornTilda SnapdragonCOCKER.SPANBarrow-in-Furness Agility Club10000000000315
35thWendy GroomeUnosta Trivial PursuitKOOIKEMidwinter Agility10000000000214
36thChris BynamLacinka Liquid Gold At CeebeeMANCH.TERRWellow10000000000012
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