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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stChristine MowleSteady Eddie GoJRTFun And Games Agility 23000000000057
2ndKate CookAveegotun Field Of Dreams With BonamassaWORKCOCKERKS Training22010000000055
3rdP VerstraeteRing A Belle Of ValgraysXSunniday01110001010038
4thTracy KingBring On The BrindlePUGStuart Doughty Agility Training30000000000036
5thTracy BurrBailey's My BoyXRidinghood Pet Dog Agility Club10011000000029
6thChristine ThompsonJenina Jazamtaz Sh CM AW( B)AUSTERRSunniday10100000000325
7thPolly HaycocksHerbert SherbertSHIHTZUMillennium Agility Dogs11000000000124
7thJennifer WalkerOla Castlerose Shropshire LassSHELTIEBrecon Dog Agility11000000000124
8thZoe CollinsEzmerelda Pocket RocketXBerkshire Dog Training01100000000021
9thKaren PuzioLuigi Pannuchi Super SpeedyXHighdown Agility10001000000020
10thNicholas TurnerEtz CeteraXSuffolk Five Rivers01001000000120
11thSheila HinchCracklin Rosie Make Me SmileXPaws 2 Go Agility Club10000000100117
12thViv Ellis Lucindale Aruf Ti Bubagets Of AristopapsPAPILLONCrouch Valley10000000000113
13thTony WallaceThe Absolute MontyXHighdown Agility10000000000012
13thCharlotte WalkerSally's StarCKCSFaldo10000000000012
13thPam HillierRosie LadyBORDER TERRIERSWAT (Somerset West)10000000000012
13thEmily BowaterScotchurch Devil Acer AW(B)WESTIEUpanova Tigers10000000000012
13thRosalyn GentryStanley Is Not A Collie OllieXTarget Agility Group10000000000012
13thKaren ParkerIt's Simply JazzXP3 Training Academy10000000000012
14thAnn BideDexter LittlemanXSutton Weavers Agility01000000000011
14thPolly HaycocksLusam KerfuffleGERMAN SPITZMillennium Agility Dogs01000000000011
14thGail CotterillHarveys Bristol DreamXTarget Agility Group01000000000011
14thSamantha Hinchliffe The Relentless Red Rudolph MIN.PINCSCHERBarking Mad01000000000011
14thJo MaiseyPixel Ate ItTERRXScallywags01000000000011
15thChristina CuttingKazaura's Winter StormSHELTIECKT00100000000010
15thJemma DayAnthony BearCHI.CRESTEDP3 Training Academy00100000000010
16thTracy BurrPolly Little PocketXRidinghood Pet Dog Agility Club0001000000009
17thAbbie ColemanPukk With The LuckXMerry Mutts D.T.C0000010000007
18thAaron ColemanBarking BindiXMerry Mutts D.T.C0000000000033
19thSusan LillicrapSassy SoloPAPILLONWaverunners0000000000011
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