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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stAngela BennettDASHING LORD DOUGLASWESTIEFly-By Agility40100000000159
2ndMargaret MorrisonOrchid Lily From Solasta AWSCOCKER.SPAN 11200000010147
3rdEmily MulhollandClanmirri All Dancing Mister Todd( AWS)POODLE(MIN)Highdown Agility11110000000143
4thNeil OlverNickila Infiniti And ByondGERSPTZ(MITTEL)Barking Mad30000000000036
5thFiona TompsettRadbrooks Panzanella AW(B)CKCSVyne21000000000136
6thNiamh ClarkeMeadowpark JasmineCKCSCrooked Oak Agility21000000000035
6thKaren ChelseyClockpelters Amy Louise AW(B)CKCS 21000000000035
7thLouise RiddioughNorakim Lady Martha AW(B)CKCSCKT20010000000134
8thLucy Crute MorrisLittle Miss BellabeanXHJM Agility03000000000134
9thDave WalkerEcho HopebeyondthestarsSHELTIEBrecon Dog Agility20000000000832
10thStuart MarshallLittle Miss Bubble Is TroubleCKCSFox Agility20000000000024
11thAnna SaundersSpeckled Henrietta AW(S)JRTP3 Training Academy02000000000224
12thSarah RymanSherrygold Witches ThisPOODLE(TOY)Janet's Jumpers10100000000022
13thDenise SpeyerPoptastic PopsicleXCK9 Training & Agility01100000000122
14thJohn FrostPascavale AlphonsoCKCSSpring Into Action10001000000121
15thJodie ForbesCerbora Special FortunaBORDER TERRIERMoonlight Dog Agility Club01010000000121
16thLesley EdwardsBexted Star Pupil AGwarrant BronzeBORDER TERRIERSunniday01010000000020
17thKaren PuzioJumpin Jimi JanglesXHighdown Agility00110000000120
18thRena ColemanMytchetts Mucky MutleyXMerry Mutts D.T.C01000000000516
19thJenny WittLavender Lillipip AW(S)XSutton Weavers Agility10000000000214
20thMichele BolandNo Hassle For TasselWORKCOCKERDickson Dogs10000000000012
20thCorinna WolfmanHarjenda Boss Jose MourinoHAVANESEJac's10000000000012
21stPam GreyCarry On ChloeTERRXSOUTH PAWS AGILITY00001000000412
22ndArthur RodgersFun YetiWORKCOCKERMid Downs01000000000011
22ndRena ColemanThe Ugly BugXMerry Mutts D.T.C01000000000011
22ndSophie JacksonSophs Miracle Magic MinionCOCKER.SPANBroads Agility Club01000000000011
22ndRosemary ClarkeWish Come TrueMIN AMERICAN SHEP 01000000000011
23rdBrian YoungMy Mysterious Girl MIN.SCHNAUZERFun And Games Agility 00100000000111
23rdJemma DayVergo Kanjeri Red Boy AW(B)YORKIEP3 Training Academy00100000000111
24thJane TaylorHarpley Dams HarrietWORKCOCKERWhitedog Agility Club00100000000010
24thLesanne MitchellIvan The TrevableJRTAce Agility Club00100000000010
25thSian RobertsMorgans Little ShadowXWarehill0001000000009
26thDavid Carlile Pinna Ponna Paddy PowerSHELTIERogue Agility0000010000007
27thFiona TompsettMiss Princess Freya Of Radbrooks AW(S)CKCSVyne0000000000033
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