It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday more.
Created By: Roger Wilkin - Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 12:26 | Last Edited: Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 13:18

It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday.

John was a major player in steering the growth of agility in this country from the 1970's.  He became an active member in the formation of The Agility Club in 1983 and held the position of editor of The Voice for many years.  He also held a position on the Kennel Club Liaison Committee for many years.

John's wisdom and advice was always given freely to all who had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him and the shape of agility today owes much to the work that he did.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts go out to his family.

Rest in Peace John


Roger Wilkin

Treasurer, The Agility Club





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1stAlan BrayDevongem Fire Starter At Upanova TigerCOCKER.SPANUpanova Tigers5925562200100101131
2ndKaren HugoWillowthorn's All That Jazz At Sabresnipe AWBSHELTIEWyre5423732041102211072
3rdTiggy StilgoeDanica ValentinaPAPILLONMegagility2223110010004342
4thAnne AyresMyter Secret Mission AW (S)SHELTIESnakewood Agility Club10962100000133340
5thRena ColemanMytchetts Mucky MutleyXMerry Mutts D.T.C31173202001050335
6thAngela GadenneUpanova Never Beyond Daring At SirensongPOODLE(MIN)Topdog Training976312200003309
7thLuisa JonesHaggis SupperTERRXBreeze Agility1172012002006265
8thRita LloydsLittle Beau CreepXTarget Agility Group1143201000018241
9thJill MatthewsJunior Twinkle Toe BiterCKCSActive Pawz5652110111215240
10thKate CookAveegotun Sowena For BonamassaWORKCOCKERSWAT (Somerset West)1081101000000234
11thSian RobertsUnsolicited FizzXWarehill1080000000008216
12thAnna FoxChilite CalicoGERMAN SPITZConnect Dog Agility11410100000014208
13thAlison MilnerSupersonic PipXFaldo2750000000015166
14thSheila TaylorMy Mister BagginsXBarking Mad075211000003163
15thEmma GrayThis Little PiggyXMilners Mutts 812111000102156
16thArthur ReadArfer SixpencePATTERDALEFaldo922000000001151
17thEmma AttreeGood Golly Miss DollyCOCKER.SPANMoonlight Dog Agility Club432120000028138
18thJason Smawfield-Huby Rockin Ruebster AWBXNorthern Schnauzer Club9010000000011129
19thCatherine ClementRomeo Wherefore Art ThouBICHONTopdog Training731000000000127
20thArthur RodgersFun YetiWORKCOCKERMid Downs710120010001126
21stKay CollardSings Summer Wonder AW (S)SHELTIEDownland3131111000018125
22ndLouise WitmoreAquaveins Shadow DancerGERSPTZ(MITTEL)Kembroke Agility441000000003105
23rdWendy GroomeCairnbraid Menina Selva At MiddanwinterKOOIKEMidwinter Agility611000000009102
24thMax AyresLirren Lottery AW BSHELTIESnakewood Agility Club223100000001196
25thPam HancockSherrygold MagnusPOODLE(TOY)Wallingford52100000000394
26thJanice ShortHeidron Great Pride & JoySHELTIEWhirlwind32300000000593
27thAngela GadenneSirensong Bewitched RaeannePOODLE(MIN)Topdog Training14210000000186
28thPam GreyCarry On ChloeXSOUTH PAWS AGILITY220110001001683
29thMartina SaldanhaHarry Harefoot HugglesXWhirlwind51100000000182
30thValerie HobartAmbiens Bat Out Of HellBORDER TERRIERHinckley32101000000076
31stChristina CuttingMyter Fly By NightSHELTIECKT14100000000874
32ndFiona TompsettMiss Princess Freya Of Radbrooks AW(S)CKCSVyne111110000011769
33rdChantal HuttonHeidron Mtstic Unfolding SHELTIEJanet's Jumpers31100000000764
34thElizabeth ClarkBertramz FizzingwhizzbeePOODLE(MIN)Highdown Agility23000000000562
35thIan HutchinsonReet PetiteXWallingford12120000000062
36thDouglas SmithRistine Zippy De Do DahSCHIPPERKESnakewood Agility Club01301000000554
37thJane TaylorHarpley Dams HarrietWORKCOCKERWhitedog Agility Club20200000000347
38thWendy GilpinPelynka New MoonCKCSBarking Mad01200010000037
39thLouise RiddioughNorakim Lady MarthaCKCSCKT11010000000335
40thKatie DoylePatchy Dude AW(s)XMilners Mutts 02100000000234
41stMichele SmithTenacious Rainbow WarriorJRTCKT10100000000729
42ndRosemary ClarkeWish Come TrueMIN AMERICAN SHEP 11000000000225
43rdANNE WILSONMighty Mitchy Moo JRTXBarrow-in-Furness Agility Club20000000000024
44thMichele BolandNo Hassle For TasselWORKCOCKERDickson Dogs10100000000022
45thSally MedcalfHeidron Mystic New MoonSHELTIEJ9 Agility01100000000021
46thAnne EdwardsDarlington Blueberry XE.Y.D Agility10000000000113
47thCharlie OsborneKizzie Wizzie Lets Get BusyXBillingshurst10000000000012
47thEmma LlewellynFireman TiggerPLMTERR 10000000000012
47thAlison PearceRumfurra LilwunXWallingford10000000000012
48thAnne GillSootys Pall AWSXMerry Mutts D.T.C00000010000511
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