It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday more.
Created By: Roger Wilkin - Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 12:26 | Last Edited: Tue 14th Nov 2017 @ 13:18

It is with great sadness that the agility world learnt that John Gilbert died yesterday.

John was a major player in steering the growth of agility in this country from the 1970's.  He became an active member in the formation of The Agility Club in 1983 and held the position of editor of The Voice for many years.  He also held a position on the Kennel Club Liaison Committee for many years.

John's wisdom and advice was always given freely to all who had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him and the shape of agility today owes much to the work that he did.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts go out to his family.

Rest in Peace John


Roger Wilkin

Treasurer, The Agility Club





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1stMary ChapmanBracken Wood AW(S)LABRADORSunniday954132130018281
2ndDan GrundyHeikki Hairy RacerBEARDED COLLIE 1271000200001244
3rdSandra HumphreyDiagemtas Majestic MadgeBCMoonlight Dog Agility Club1125111100003237
4thAnnette GoswellBrave Baby BoyLABXCOLDartmoor531303110105170
5thPaul RoseMaster Rigsby WossisWSDSWAT (Somerset West)652200000011168
6thPenny SladeTyrodal Wow FactorDALMATIONSutton Weavers Agility631130011105165
7thKaren BoyleCharlie BravoXK9 Krackers821011010114157
8thHayley Byrne-IngleELLZ BELLZ FLASH OF WHITELABXJac's642011000102156
9thHol ThomasWindy Slinky O'Rainbow AW(B)XSutton Weavers Agility7210010100010138
10thAlan GriffithsNorfall NuttaWSDCKT720110000000123
11thSandra HammondGolden Eye-Rish CharmerXLetchworth450010100005122
12thSandra SauntersBABBITY BUMBLEE.S.SPANSOUTH PAWS AGILITY411201120101114
13thLaura HarveyCataluna Gentle HermioneIRISH SETTERRibble Dog Agility Training Club711000000023112
14thGwynneth HoggerTOOTSIE PIELURCHERSuffolk Five Rivers420030010006105
15thJude DarbyshireBroad Orchard Scrumpyjack AW(B)LABRADORHighdown Agility0021222101124105
16thSusan RollRedcharisma Beside YouBCChippenham24012010000099
17thJude DarbyshireBroad Orchard Ingonish AW(B)LABRADORHighdown Agility210112110011796
18thJane BellHollohill Sorrel AW(B)HNG.VIZSLASunniday310101000013095
19thVal WoodsFandabidozi Star GazeBCWhirlwind32120000000086
20thJo HobbsEngleton Melody Blue At JolirostaBCWhirlwind32101010010186
21stVictoria AtkinsonBella's Diamond JessieWSDDark Destroyer Agility51010000000181
22ndCatherine ColemanDew Of HeavenXSunniday21202010001281
23rdVictoria AtkinsonBella's Spotty GirlWSDDark Destroyer Agility41020000000077
24thMary ChapmanBallymara's MaderaLABRADORSunniday121000200001268
25thKathryn BroadwayDragonridge IndefatigableGSPCKT32001000000167
26thJoanna WoolfordDevils FantazyBORDESWAT (Somerset West)13100000000055
27thBernice EmanuelFoxbarton Kings MinstrelBCDRAT40000000000250
28thSarah WoodMickali CopperwoodLABRADORJ9 Agility30010000000247
29thColin Smith Optimum Prime LABRADORHighdown Agility11101001000147
30thCarla Stevens My Lottie Of LuckXLapford Dog Club03100000000346
31stBarry AyresAshlindt AjaxBCSunniday12100000000044
32ndJane MissinBeesting DangermouseBCSutton Weavers Agility21000100000143
33rdKathryn BroadwayQwassingburgh AlanGSPCKT00210000000029
34thTrish MchughBlueshore Yoffys StarBOXERK9 Krackers01010000000323
35thSarah WoodReach For The MoonCOLLIEXJ9 Agility02000000000022
36thDouglas AndrewsSharp As A TacCOLLIEXWeald Agility Society 10000000000012
36thJane MissinBeesting GalliardBCSutton Weavers Agility10000000000012
37thLaura HarveyTeddy Boy To Be CherishedGSDRibble Dog Agility Training Club01000000000011
38thJane BellDebian DarlingtonHNG.VIZSLASunniday0000000000044
39thGwynneth HoggerZINNIA BLUELURCHERSuffolk Five Rivers0000000000011
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