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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stElizabeth SaggersWicked Miss Magic AW(D)XDownland33127222120005667
2ndElizabeth SaggersMaid Of Magic AW(D)XDownland91856230001022472
3rdElizabeth SaggersObay The Boyz Magic AW(P)SHELTIEDownland9764010111015315
4thJennifer WalkerAbbie HopebeyondthestarsSHELTIEBrecon Dog Agility10431010000053262
5thRosemary WhiteAnyone For PimmsXDartmoor6660100000011217
6thBarbara EdlinGilsland Golden Sparkler AW (S)POODLE(MIN)Watford0555200000047213
7thLesley ClareCandy Spice AW ( B )XHighdown Agility5421320200117200
8thElizabeth SaggersTake A Magic Moment AW(S)XDownland1011201100046186
9thJohn FoordDetania Rules The Waves AgainBCDartford Dog TC244201000028145
10thGill RhodesHope's MessengerKELPXWallingford451020000008137
11thKathy WilliamsTinker Tidal RoloXBarnstaple DTC124201001014109
12thIan SmithBarkaway May Come May NotWSDBarkaway Dog Agility421200000003100
13thKathy WilliamsRunning With The TideBCBarnstaple DTC24001100001792
14thJean StarnesMy Boy BillWSDSWAT (Somerset West)14210000000388
15thYvette FowlerBright As A Button AWBBCHighdown Agility01212011014785
16thColette RichardsonSoldaze Morphic MegBCPachesham02221000011477
17thGill RhodesBertie RussellPARSON JRTWallingford20120110000873
18thElaine StottSilver Dream LexiePOODLE(TOY)Nottingham22100000000864
19thColette RichardsonSoldaze Morphic BettyBCNorth Downs11111010000157
20thAila BrandonDetania The Paddocks Lad AWBBCWatford22000000001149
21stColette RichardsonRujaff Red MullettBCNorth Downs20001001020144
22ndLesley ClareNon Stop PipparooAUS.WKG.KELPIEHighdown Agility000200001011539
23rdRosemary WhiteTess Of My PatienceXDartmoor001010000001937
24thJohn FoordDetania Red BordeauxBCDartford Dog TC21000000000136
25thJean StarnesTwiggy TwigletXSWAT (Somerset West)00120000000331
26thChristina CuttingShelridge Black Comedy Aw(G)SHELTIECKT02000000000729
27thLouise HopesMick The Rilla MillerXSWAT (Somerset West)001000001001529
28thJoan FrancisSweetest Golden RoseWORKCOCKERMole Valley Dog Agility20000000000327
29thBetty CurtisTopdevonairs Wizin Ms SassyAUS.WKG.KELPIEMad About Mutts00110000000120
30thLinda SeatonKayth's Hells HikerPOODLE(MIN)Target Agility Group10000000000719
31stCelia RoseRimrock BlackbirdLABRADORSWAT (Somerset West)00010000000817
32ndGillian EalesKeltihope Gills GenieSHELTIEDogmanics DAT00000011000213
33rdLouise HopesRilla BellaWSDSWAT (Somerset West)10000000000012
34thAila BrandonKesellielyn Rudolf AW/SBCWatford00010000000110
35thFrances CrockettBenjamin Rockett (AWS)XK9 Krackers000000000001010
36thSue HandFlickadee AL4WSDSWAT (Somerset West)0000000000077
37thColette RichardsonBarney Rubbles TroublesBCNorth Downs0000001000006
38thIris EverittMy Girl TaraBCLittle Meadows0000000000033
38thLesley EdwardsAs You Like It AG Warrant GoldBORDER TERRIERSunniday0000000000033
39thIris EverittWannock LadBCLittle Meadows0000000000022
39thPauline PrinceSashling High FlyerPOODLE(MIN)Upanova Tigers0000000000022
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