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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stSteve SealeDevongem Try FlecBCCelfee Agility East Midlands46311392041113141176
2ndShirley InglesfieldMorgans Dark HeroWSDWigton6710542220098388
3rdTony ParmiterNightsabre Elara In Ebony AW(P)GROENENDAELGemgray Dog Training 41562140100031363
4thGemma SwannOli's Little Halo KidJRTNedlo6525443121425319
5thJessica StevensWhitby JetBCChart645151010036239
6thRuth ParkerRosmarinus Easter PicnicBCSecrets Agility Training 1241210101101238
7thSue ShowlerBorderlair Magic NicoWSDUpanova Tigers5750200000020223
8thAileen WatsonMickey The RocketteerWSDWallingford363521110113219
9thCarole StapleySpooky Star AWGWSDDerbyshire3521424001217214
10thAndy MayesLancaster JackBCBarking Mad553142002100211
11thJanet ThriftThe Welsh Midget WSDJanet's Jumpers4631021021017201
12thClaire RockellClockwork SprockerXArk House Agility2751220000010200
13thJill LoweDeezaks Red Cascade AW(S)BCWallingford552220210011189
14thMichele CurtisBouncy Benzy AW (S)XTouchango Agility Club335510100025187
15thMichelle WaughChazak Royal RequestBC 671100002012180
16thIan SmithBarkaway Mr MacPOODLE(TOY)Barkaway Dog Agility910240100004179
17thSam Davies A Quart Of LiquoriceWSDTunbridge Wells4512201002118179
18thAvril TaylorFifth Time LuckyLABXChance Agility Club1723000000042178
19thDiane GriffinKehala Black IceGROENENDAELUpanova Tigers1372220000015178
20thShirley CartonWiccaweys Poppet AW(G)WSDK9 Krackers2533200000122176
21stSelena BrayStarsofMars Phar LapAUS.WKG.KELPIEFox Agility823002101100175
22ndJacqui RaineRainstorm At MidnightWSDUp North232711101001166
23rdPeter CracknellCrackerjack Mia AW(P)WSDCrackerjack Agility9200000000023153
24thSue PowellSilver WishesWSDBlackthorn Agility2342210001011152
25thDave DeavilleRosmak Secret Fortune At MiddanwinterBCMidwinter Agility343121000007149
26thAnne RobertsonMorgansR Flynn Go Far AW (P)COLLIEXUp North6311000000024148
27thKim SermonMinkynips Magic Messed Up At BorderkingBCTop Marks Agility281021000003148
28thPia GloverSoldaze Sun ChimeBCNorth Downs530230100011144
29thClaire HodkinsonEar Comes The Kaiser Chief (AWB)WSDDerbyshire523111100001143
30thCaroline AshbyChampwaith Just A Hunch (AW G)BC 632100000004138
31stKaren CameronKilnhurst Catch A DreamWSDBerkshire Dog Training611220010006138
32ndTash WhittleLil Myst TicklesWSDSWAT (Somerset West)723000000001137
33rdLucy ParkinNellylicious Belladonna (AWB)WSDCleverpawz3241000001123135
34thJames MclellandRock On Ruby Two ShoesKELPX 433100000025129
35thAdele HarrisonMischief Of Madainneag AW(B)WSDLinda Cummings Agility Training 901001000002127
36thJanice LinchJackscrofter AbberdaleBCFrittenden Dog Agility430310000009125
37thLucy ParkinMorgansar Red Hot WizzyWSDCleverpawz3212020200013123
38thSue WhiteRock Chick By RequestWSDWhirlwind0035100020124117
39thNicole TurnerMag Star Shines AW(S)LABRADORDartford Dog TC520300000004113
40thKerry McCulloughBreezing On ByWSDWigton510220000004109
41stLinda GoreCories Blu Baylie AW(G)BCHinckley051041010000109
42ndJoanne HunterPrecious DieselWEIMARANERFrittenden Dog Agility210241000300101
43rdEdwina BrownTri Again MegBCBarnard Castle Dog Training Club023212000017101
44thCatherine AshworthFiamette Sasha AW(G)WSDWigton71000000000297
45thAlicia FreeTezzy Wiggle BumWSDTop Marks Agility62000000000397
46thAileen WatsonDeejays Ozzie Turbo RockettWSDWallingford24000111002595
47thRobert TappinSouthlorn Dejays Octaglen AW(G)WSDGemgray Dog Training 016010000011394
48thMichelle DavisAshlindt CloudBC 23201100000092
49thKim SermonLightning Luna TicCOLLIEXTop Marks Agility12220100000988
50thJilly HolnessFlickcee O Magnifico At LookylookyBCNedlo60100000001084
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