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RankName of HandlerKC Name of DogBreedClub1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thAP11plusUPCTotal
1stAndrew PriestleyRagamuffin RockstarBCLets Go Agility553816175035326181522
2ndSarah CrouchCanen Cosmic Sindy AW(D)BCTop Marks Agility391862321101522828
3rdLouise ChallisLouandi Island StormBCUpanova Tigers291812456211239826
4thAlan BrayUpanova Dior MineBCUpanova Tigers15241311444101322793
5thSarah CrouchBatfink Final Chapter AW(D)BCTop Marks Agility39155244110116783
6thAlan BrayLouandi Firestorm At UpanovaBCUpanova Tigers2222128301100411752
7thJenny HastieNessa Ainmhithe GirlXJenPaws331554100100210674
8thDennis MacaulaySyaluacam TagWSDNorth Downs371030232110114658
9thJo MarksSmurf Off Ice At BazanjoWSDTop Marks Agility191087411010113545
10thJo GleedLookylooky Ready Or NotBCChance Agility Club25123302131031535
11thClaire ToddStorm's Macy May Be The OneWSDBarnard Castle Dog Training Club111187140130311466
12thSteven PluvesSuch A L'il RogueBCK9 Agility North Yorkshire12122412200017375
13thNicole TurnerLily's Gift For Valentines AW(G)BCDartford Dog TC695534222147366
14thAngela FiddimoreUpanova The Name's BondBCUpanova Tigers17543100002016356
15thJo MarksBazanjo's Dream MachineWSDTop Marks Agility1495010000006331
16thAshley Carter Castomya Epic Enchant MintBCBridge House1751220200000315
17thChantal HuttonBekkis Run FreeBCJanet's Jumpers14750000000013308
18thChantal HuttonBekkis Grease LightningBCJanet's Jumpers9671111001021298
19thJulia MacleanWynwich Wot A FollyBCDervish11651201000110291
20thEmily FothergillZiggy Stardom AW(G)BCStardom Agility Training Society 1921101000004280
21stCarole PollardSams Precious GemWSDTop Marks Agility10422120100413250
22ndHeidi VagueJust A Gizzy Mo AW(G) BCMid Cornwall1441001001123243
23rdLorna GoodbanAstra BexBCNorth Downs8411100021918214
24thFran WaltonDarleyfalls Moon DanceBCPachesham943200001004208
25thCharlotte GardnerCastomya First Edition AW(G)BCChance Agility Club263432001107208
26thJillian JohnstoneKez Rock On Tomee AW(G)WSDWigton233462011118207
27thJillian JohnstoneChunky MonkeyWSDWigton0242514222422205
28thKate TruluckJust A Little Farm GirlWSDCKT574020100002201
29thAmy BennettKethinna Take My Breath Away***BCWhite Way Dog Agility Training633012122117193
30thAnne CooganBatfink Blazing BrightAUS.WKG.KELPIETop Marks Agility6322100210518193
31stSean ClinchNedlo Ace TechniqueBCAce Agility Bournemouth823120011005187
32ndDeena FreemanGinny S ChanceWSDChance Agility Club733211000022186
33rdJenny HastieRuby PoppetWSDJenPaws343121120007165
34thJames BrownUpanova Well Did You EvhaBCUpanova Tigers530050100233154
35thFran WaltonComebyanaway Wynning EdgeBCNorth Downs135120400106153
36thJessica CuthbertsonJess And Skye Blue Shining AW(G)WSDFox Agility326100113002152
37thSue WhiteFoxtwist Repeat RequestBCWhirlwind4131100020327147
38thBecky ScoreLittleBeauPeepWSDDerbyshire5311210000011146
39thTony LeedhamMy Tass De TayWSDK9 Agility North Yorkshire361210000015145
40thJill MatthewsDiagemtas RubyBCActive Pawz711111001027144
41stTunde BellLulabell She's My DreamXTop Marks Agility1521020110319144
42ndAmanda WilkinsonAlfa LeatherBCPaws 2 Go Agility Club3710000000215142
43rdMichelle WaughPassim Chance For GoldBC 630110100100131
44thAlison NaylorWychnmutts Sweep HerrenaBCDervish730010000012129
45thLindsey LightowlerMorgans Spider From MarsWSDTarnys Tossers3222011001113127
46thSteven PluvesDelanor High OctaneBCK9 Agility North Yorkshire125102110005123
47thEdwina BrownBorn Trier AWGBCBarnard Castle Dog Training Club422010100225119
48thSue LascellesFred Alert MorgansRWSD 302204010008115
49thIan HarveyHigh Spying HowWSDColchester0140210112411108
50thJo GleedBonvivant With Extra ZoomMALINOISChance Agility Club131210110118105
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