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Services Manager and Mrs K Symns
Executive - Canine Activities.
26. The Council was invited by the panel
to ask questions and raise any issues
relating to the world of dogs. The
following topics were discussed:
New Health and Welfare
Working Party
It was noted that the proposals had been
to various Committees and that the remit
had been agreed. The new Working Party
would report to the Dog Health Group and
the final paper would be submitted for the
General Committee to consider at its June
meeting. It was confirmed that the
Working Party would focus on all of the
working dog disciplines apart from Field
Trials. The Council was advised that there
would be two aspects of the Working
Party which would include those dealing
with strategy and those requiring
scientific study. It would need to consider
the relevant issues and how to prioritise
them, define research required and find
suitable candidates to undertake the
scientific studies. Chosen candidates
would also be able to apply to the
Charitable Trust for grants to enable the
studies to take place.
Veterinary Health Checks
It was reported that the Kennel Club
would continue with its programme of
Veterinary Health Checks for best of
breed of the High Profile Breeds at
General and Group Championship Shows.
That the General Committee would
continue to consult clubs and judges, and
that moving forward it would be working
towards removing breeds, which proved
they were already off of the list.
Issue of Puppy Farming
It was clarified that it was difficult to obtain
data for evidence of puppy farming which
the Kennel Club defined as breeding
solely for money without due
consideration for the dogs
welfare. It was
considered likely that these breeders
would not apply to register their dogs with
the Kennel Club as they would prefer
their activities to go unmonitored. Whilst
the Kennel Club could not take
responsibility for enforcing Dog Breeding
Licences, breeders that breed more than
five litters each year, and were therefore
required to have a licence, were now
being asked to produce a copy of the
licence. Breeders who were unable to do
this, or were not members of the Assured
Breeder Scheme could be refused
Assured Breeder Scheme
It was clarified that the ABS was open to
all breeders whether they chose to breed
Pedigree or Cross Breed dogs providing
that puppies were registered with the
Kennel Club on the Breed, Companion or
Activity registers. It was pointed out that
there were rules in place that made
membership of the ABS unattractive to
breeders of some puppies, particularly
those bred as the result of fashion trends,
such as those known as
Designer Dogs
and no facility existed to advertise these
litters on the Kennel Club website.
Assured breeders were not allowed to use
their status to promote cross breeds as
their characteristics may not be fixed, and
were also required to carry out the
relevant breed specific health checks
relevant to both parents. It was also
emphasized that characteristics were
easier to determine for pure bred puppies.
Kennel Club Profit
It was reported that much of the Kennel
Club profit was put back into the two