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as well as being able to perform
under pressure
on the day
will give the selection
committee a far better choice
without being accused of not
playing by the rules. They will
also be able to go away after
the qualifying day and consider
all the information they have
about each competitive
partnership, rather than huddle
in a corner for 10 minutes on
the day.
s hope that the new
management (or existing
management if they are
reapplying) decides to review
the whole selection process
which, I believe, they are
entitled to do.
d love to hear your thoughts,
either for publication or off
the record. Email me.
Small Jumping
(see course plan right)
Once again, the number of
Small dogs competing
just 9 -
is very disappointing. I know
that quite a lot of our Smalls are
crossbreeds, but there are a
darn sight more than 9 that are
pedigrees! Come on you
There were some clever angles
in this course, which meant that
several dogs took the back of
jumps or missed them out. 4
dogs eliminated, Marc Wingate-
Wynne and his fab poodle Mr
Big and Rosie Cavill and her
amazing spaniel Spice had
faults, with three clears coming
from winner Amy Lawson
only one to complete the course
under the 30 second course
time, Clive Foden, second,
scoring 5 points, and Lian
Knight with 5.874 time faults
and therefore scoring no