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Good to see Amy and Fudge working
well, as they can really crash out at the
big events (like last year!).
One to Watch
. Sarah Prentice
and her superb tiny poodle Lily.
Improved bucket-loads since last year
and if they keep it up, could be on
track for the Squad in 2013 (if they
t mind going to South Africa!)
Medium Jumping
The Mediums are even more under-
represented than the Smalls. There
probably really are fewer pedigrees in
this height category but again, more
than 8!
I won
t go on (alright, I probably will).
Natasha Wise. Masterclass. Clear in
Sian, Sian, Sian. Such a talented dog
trainer and handler, and out there
winning tickets with Jazzy so she can
do the big occasion but,
unfortunately, not this one it seems.
She had two dogs competing, Jazzy
and her young merle Maybe, and both
of them had weave issues.
Robert Evans is a relative newcomer.
From South Africa originally, he now
trains with Thames DTC and was
competing with a dog that has already
been to the Worlds! Unfortunately,
he didn
t get off to a very good start,
and his black and white collie was
Denise Wilkinson and Angela Williams
both have previous Worlds
experience and this course didn
t give
them any problems. Both clear, in
28.333 and 31.766 respectively, with
collies Jexie and Ten. Another
seasoned international competitor
who didn
t qualify last year but got off
to a good start in this class is Alan
Gardner. He and his collie, Jude, clear
in 29.671.
Large Jumping
First clear from Greg Derrett
it easy
and Detox in 30.488. A few
poles coming down for the next
competitors including the
aforementioned Anthony Clarke.
Next clear from Ms Nicola
Garrett with Wych
one of
the three dogs she was trying out for,
in 31.630, and a super run from
Angela Williams, fresh from the
Medium try-outs, this time with Tiff
(Nedlo Jitterbug) in 30.906.
Lee Windeatt and Bold with another
deceptive run
looks really slow until
you look at the time
clear in just
30.401 and into the lead.
Obstacle 5 was claiming a few victims:
because of the angle and speed dogs
were coming over 4, many overshot 5
and jumped the back of it instead
Nicky Garrett came onto the line with
her second dog, Tag ( I think it
s her
s dog actually) and boy, does
he shift! Super duper clear in just
29.419 and into the lead.
When Charlotte Harding ran her
lovely red dog Scandal, she had the
pole off number 7, but the judge
t see it. As she incurred further
faults, I guess no-one really bothered
about it
just one of those things
But hold that thought.
Lovely run from Laura Chudleigh and
Rodney in 30.425 and a third clear for
Nicky Garrett, this time with Kayos, in
And here the controversy started
Alison Roets, partner of Robert Evans,
now training at Thames DTC had a
brilliant run in just 28.771 but
pole number 7 came down unnoticed
by the judge but, of course, not by
anyone else. This run put Alison in
1st place and gave her a final total of
23 points. Had the pole been marked,
she would have only had 12, and
would have knocked Ant Clarke out
of the points altogether. (Although
s not quite that simple because
points are awarded based on the
winning time, which would have
changed from Alison
s 28.771 to
s 29.419, but it probably
t have made that much
As you can imagine, this upset quite a
few people, and one in particular! No
names, no pack drill.
Clear rounds also from fellow Thames
Club Members, both of whom gained
points, Dave Jolly and Moss and
Andrew Dicker and Tag. A superb
run from Andy Sandercock with Dot
(Waggerland Whirlwind of Nedlo) in
29.856, putting them in 3rd place.
Overall, though, there were only 3
clears (or 2, depending on your point
of view) in the time, and 8 with time
faults out of a field of 42.
A note of sympathy for young Sam
Johnston who had had a cracking run
with John Cook
s Mac (Brentmoor
Macaw) in 30.888 and was halfway
through running Mint Peachey when
there was an audible crack as
something snapped in his knee
muscle. Poor lad spent the next
several hours in hospital and came
back on crutches. I hope all
s OK
now, Sam.
Round 2 Agility -
So onto Round 2, the spinning picture
(see course plan right)
Ahhhh, the old tunnel under the dog-
walk trick! And it did trick quite a few
including Denise and Jexie who went
1, 2, 3, 15, as did Sian and Maybe.
Clears from Alan and Jude and Angela
and Ten and
yes, I
m going to say it
Heck! 6 and a half second faster than
the second placed dog, and they
t hanging around.
And here the
controversy started...