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More controversy! Although I couldn
t see it from where I
was, apparently the see-saw and tunnels were moving around
considerably on the carpet, changing the entire nature of the
course after a few dogs had run. I did notice that dogs had
started running by the wall at 17 and had noted that Greg had
done some strange handling there and apparently, that was
why. It took until the next round before the equipment
placing was marked with tape on the carpet so that it could be
regularly checked and replaced accurately.
Nevertheless, this course produced some superb clears, none
of them with time faults. Ian Jackson and Bobby had a fab
run, clear in 38.05 and just .006 of a second behind them,
Jessica Cothay and Lynwood Cara Fuzzy Logic. Ant Clarke
Gas (in season so running last each time) was back on form
with a clear in 38.367 putting them into 3rd overall in this
Because of the course time in the first round (it
complicated!) points only went down to 12 but in this round,
23 handlers were awarded points, down to Ant Clarke and
Ruby who earned 1 point for 5F in 42.327.
For those of you who want to know how the course worked
or didn
and want to try it at home, these were the sticking