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points for several competitors:
Up A-Frame instead of see-saw
Jump 20 came down often as did
jump 5
Back of 20 after A-Frame
Long jump knocked over
Wrong end of 13 (often
accompanied by a run-by at the
Run by at see-saw
According to my notes, lovely runs
were had by (in addition to Ian and
Andy Sandercock and Dot (39.811.
Very fast, very noisy!)
Simon Peachey and Mac (39.393
Starting from scratch as change of
handler meant that points from first
round didn
t count)
Alison Roets (38.756)
Laura Chudleigh and Rodney
Commiserations for bad luck to Shaun
Hunt and Phix for being marked 5 on
the dog walk up. When WILL we
banish this ridiculous rule?? All the
arguments for keeping it are ridiculous
(go to a UKA show and see for
yourself) and probably only upheld by
people who don
t want to admit that
UKA is right!
Oh, and you might have noticed that
there are 22 obstacles in this course! I
did a double-take myself. Well, there
used to be a sequence of 3 obstacles
that had to be taken in a particular
order and, if a mistake happened on,
say, the second, the whole thing had
to be started again as it only counted
as one obstacle. Hope that makes
sense! So, they
ve now done away
with that and added three more
obstacles to the course! Strange but
Sarah got it right and showed us a
glimpse of how the world stage could
belong to her and Lily! Fab clear in
41.321, pretty much 3 seconds ahead
of Marc W-W and Mr Big, who is no
slouch himself. 3rd was David Wright
with Shanandi Strikeitlucky, in
45.236, and the consistent Clive
Foden with Sirensong Beyond
Compare, clear in 45.762.
Seconds Out, Round Three
With no chance of a place on the
squad but happy to break their duck
and get their first clears were Leslie
Osborne and Fizz, Gwyn Roberts and
Sid, Gary Hodkinson and Tallace
Jumping Bean. According to my
notes, but not in my handwriting,
Dave Jolly
s clear with Moss in 39.387
. Note to self: take
notebook with you when you leave
the score table! (It was pretty darn
good, mind you!)
With just 9 clear rounds by the end,
this course claimed many victims,
particularly at the A-Frame/tunnel
combo, with dogs going up the
contact equipment instead of into
tunnel at 11, or into wrong end of 11
instead of up 15. Dave Munnings
running Alyson Martin
s Waggerland
Sunny Jim had a blistering run in just
36.062 but unfortunately took pole at
7. Great run from Simon Peachey and
DJ, clear in 36.557. Lee Gibson, was
really going for it (when doesn
t he!).
Scott dislodged a brick from the wall
but it didn
t fall and it must have been
nerve-wracking for him when Scott
had to take the obstacle for a second
time. However, luck was on their
side, clear in 38.012.
The normally consistent and utterly
reliable Nicky Garrett was not having a
this course claimed
many victims,
particularly at the