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Measure for
ve had a scary few weeks. My
Medium dog, Cynthia, measured out
of Medium at the second measure. To
say I was surprised is an
understatement. I
d measured her a
few times at home, prior to that, and
she easily fit under the measure, so I
was expecting a quick in and out and
s your Uncle. But no! At
Wallingford, the measure hung on her
shoulder blades and didn
t touch the
ground. As my friends
and various
now know, I spent the rest
of the weekend in floods of tears.
Is it that big a deal, you might ask.
Well, it is for Cynthia. Whilst my
other dogs spring around like
Zoe, who is not far out of
can and will jump full height if I
point her at it. Cynthia can
t even
jump on my bed. She puts her front
legs on and then drags her hind legs
up next. It took ages to teach her not
to go under a Medium jump and, the
next day, looking at the difference in
height she
d have to jump, I knew
there was no WAY she could do it
once, let alone 16 or so times. (In the
picture you can see how flat she
As she
d measured easily into
Medium on her first measure (and
measured Medium at UKA
and it
normally KC Mediums who get
measured into Standard there), it was
suggested to me that she might have
muscled up, so I made the decision to
postpone her third measure, have her
spayed, and rest her (as much as you
can a manic sheepdog, anyway) to see
if I could de-muscle her.
The few weeks between Wallingford
and Thames (the date and place of her
final measure) I talked to a lot of
people about a 4th height. I don
understand why the distance between
Medium and Large is twice that of
Small to Medium, for a start. To me,
there is a definite gap where a pole
should be! I was speaking to Lesley
Olden who had, as KC Liaison Council
Rep, put forward a discussion item
from Becky Layphries and other agility
competitors, to introduce a 4th height.
I will be reminding people of that
discussion item next month when I
revisit the whole issue. Lesley said
that if we had a
between Medium and Large, then we
should have a 5th height for very small
dogs. I
m not sure how many
dogs are competing, but surely we
could drop the Small height to
accommodate them and change the
dog heights too, so the currently
larger Small dogs would go up to
Medium, the larger Mediums
(including all those collies!) in to
Standard (a height that World Champ
Natasha Wise would prefer to run her
Medium collie at).
There has to be a way to make it fairer
for the majority of dogs. Of course,
people with dogs on the wrong side of
borderline may not be happy
as I
t have been if Cynthia had to
compete at Large. However, if she
had measured out of Medium at her
third measure, then I wouldn
t have
been quite so distressed about trying
to teach her to run at Standard height.
As it was, the demuscling plan
worked and, thankfully, she is staying
in Medium. Not sure what got her
hackles up at Wallingford, but they
were back down again by Thames.
Thanks to all of you who have me
invaluable help and advice.
As usual, I would value your thoughts,
ideas and input for next
s issue.
See you on the circuit.
Front Cover Picture courtesy of Allison Senior