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good day. Wych missed her dog walk
contact, Tag had a pole and then was
eliminated by going over the wall in
the wrong direction, and Kayos went
up the A-Frame at 11 instead of into
the tunnel. A World Champ squad
without Nicky on it doesn
t seem
right. Perhaps three dogs was too
many to try out with?
Nice clears from Angela Williams and
Tiff (39.119), Sarah Young and
Gunran Hot Shot, in 37.513, and Greg
and Detox (39.241).
By this stage of the game, I don
t have
much of a clue who
s in the running,
but I have a better idea of who no
longer is.
My One to Watch. Jessica Cothay and
Cara. What a cracking dog this is. I
hope it
s still very young because it
has great potential. The actually
finished 8th overall
a fine
achievement in this company.
The Smalls fared better on this course
with 4 clears, 2 clear with time faults
(oxymoron, I know), 1 5F and 2 x E.
Rosie Cavill and Spice
going so well
this season
won, in 40.064, and the
fabulous Mr Big settling in now, just a
whisker behind, clear in 40.641. My
lovely Lily (she
s MINE!) run by Sarah
Prentice, gave us another clear in
what a massive improvement
on last year. Congrats! The fourth
came from Amy Lawson and Fudge, in
At the risk of repeating myself:
MASTERCLASS!! Oh come on! (I
turning into Randy Jackson, one of the
judges on American Idol:
Now that
what I
m talking about! This girl is in it
to win it!!
) Yes, I know, I am
completely enthralled by the talent of
Natasha Wise who stormed this
course like an Agility Champion in
Grade 1
clear in an incredible
Denise Wilkinson
s run was lovely and
put in the second fastest time
(37.937), whilst other clears were
Angela and Ten (43.645) and Robert
Evans, now showing the potential of
this experience dog (39.310).
My One to Watch. Becky Sargeant
and her collie Raeannes Aurora.
Lian Knight
s Sizzle decided that there
t quite enough obstacles in the
ring so ran out and jumped over a bit
of wall that was resting on a chair!
Bless them, you never know what
re going to do next, do you.
Eliminations also for Sarah and Lily
and David Wright.
Rosie and Spice, Clive Foden and his
Sirensong Poodle, Beyond Compare,
and Marc and Mr Big all completed
the course clear in under 40 seconds,
with Marc (39.228) just pipping Rosie
(39.475) to the number 1 spot. Marc
gave us all a heart attack when he had
to jump over his dog between 19 and
20. Could have been messy! A clear
also for Amy Lawson and Fudge in
This was a great spectator course
because there was a
will they or
t they
element. Will they send
their dogs over 17 and 18 with the
dog walk between them, or will they
go with them, negotiate the bottom of
the dog walk, and hope the dog sees
and takes the see-saw on their own,
giving handler time to catch up. Such
m turning into
Randy Jackson, one of
the judges on American