Page 31 - The Sample Voice 02-13

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It didn
t work for Becky Sargeant as
her dog ran by 17 and then by 19.
Ten was obviously getting tired
not a young dog
and missed her dog
walk and A-Frame contacts, finally
getting eliminated with a run-by at the
last obstacle.
Denise showed how it should be
done with a superb demonstration of
distance handling to the spread at 18,
collecting at the other end of the
tunnel. Clear in 33.787.
Now, who else was there?
. Oh yes. Natasha Wise,
clear in 31.020, and taking maximum
points for the day.
Tunnels under contacts continued to
prove problematic. Gwyn Roberts
discovered the benefits of layering too
late, as he went round the far side
with Sid but couldn
t catch him up and
the dog ran by the see-saw. Jessica
Cothay finally demonstrated just how
fantastic her dog can be, with a
blistering clear in just 34.076, which
won the class. Ian Jackson and Bobbie
were also having a superb run but a
surfeit of finger-wagging at 21 to
ensure the dog came over 22 actually
resulted in a knocked pole.
Ant Clarke had a entertaining (well,
for us anyway) round, going so fast
that he fell over and then, like Marc
WW and Mr Big, getting in the way of
his dog at the see-saw and having to
jump over her. Clear in 34.582,
putting him third overall.
Dave Munnings continued this
amazing display of adrenaline and
testosterone with Sunny, clear in
34.369 and taking second place
overall. Of course, Lee Gibson was
also going for it but didn
t layer at the
dog walk and Scott missed the see-
saw up contact. 5F in 35.817.
Simon Peachey went for the layering
but it didn
t work in his case, as DJ ran
by the spread. Another lovely run
from Angela and Tiff, clear in 35.351,
cemented their place in the squad.
The luck of the Irish was with Greg
Derret as, after 15, Detox headed
over to 13 and he just got her back in
time. Clear in 36.550 and he
d done
A very fast, very scary
run from
Laura and Rodney. Picking up 5F in
34.911. Leader on points, Alison
Roets, picked up 5 in 34.730. This
dog has tremendous speed.