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Dear Editor,
Thanks for the latest issue of the Voice - a good read as always.
Just a point:
In Bill Glover’s From the Chair on page 5 he says
I’m currently getting our caravan ready for a ten day trip ..... It’s not been used since
Dogs in Need last year so fingers crossed everything will still work.
This rather gives the impression that the caravan hasn’t had a service and Bill is just
loading up and driving off, hoping that things like the tyres and gas are all 100%.
How about an article in a future edition on the importance of regular tyre checks and
an annual service (either DIY if you are qualified) or by a caravan dealer or mobile
service van. I would guess that Voice advertisers Wokingham Caravans would put
something together (including how to read the date on your tyres and the fact that
tyres need replacing after 5 years or so even if they don’t show signs of wear as they
degrade over time). I’m sure someone at Wokingham Caravans would be able to get the
message over and relate it to the agility world (e.g working fridge for all that booze!).
They might even add a paragraph on what to look for in a second hand caravan (most
dealers do a “safety check” and some a full service before sale) especially if you are
buying privately.
Time (and money) spent on making sure the caravan is roadworthy and safe to use on site
could avoid an accident on the road or on site.
Keep up the good work.
Kiki Angelrath
s note: Good suggestion, Kiki. I have asked Wokingham Caravan Services if they would like to
write an article for The Voice.