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Voice: If there was a
secret to success
in agility, what do
you think it would be?
JT: You can be a great handler or have a fantastically
talented dog, but real success comes when a pair are
perfectly matched. There are those combinations that have
a bit of both or maybe more of one than the other, but it
the way their partnership works that takes them to another
level. Natasha Wise and Dizzy are one of these.
Voice: Please tell us some of what you consider to be your
key achievements and moments that have meant the most
to you to date.
JT: Ellie winning the Crufts Medium Championship in 2008
and the Singles in 2010 are both something I will never
Running my dogs at Olympia is always a huge buzz because
crowd are so loud!!
Running for Team England as part of the winning
Speedstakes Relay team at WAO 2011 was amazing the
atmosphere was electric!
And obviously winning Gold at this year
s WAO has to be
the one of the best!
My ambition is to run for Great Britain at FCI World
Championships one day.....
About Bitz
Bitz is 5 years old and is 465 mm (just a fraction over
18 inches). She is as close to a pink and fluffy dog as a
girl could get! She is nervous and shy of people but is
extremely affectionate to those she considers her
friends; once she trusts you she will spot you a mile off!
Bitz is a pleasure to train, She picks things up quickly,
quietly and always tries her hardest to get it right. I
stand on the start line with complete confidence that
she can do anything. I try to let her down as little as I
Thanks to Lian Knight for the photographs.