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Leinonen and is focused on strong pre-cuing and use of
body language to help the dog understand where we
want him to go after a specific obstacle before
attempting it. The idea [is] to let the dog perfectly know
where you want to go and is therefore named One
Mind. My handling way was already very similar to that
system as I have always been striving for the most
effective way to communicate with my dog through the
course, so when I got in touch with Janita and Jaakko
[Suoknuuti, Janita
s partner], I found a very consistent
handling system that could be merged to mine!
BF: Very interesting! How do you handle the mental side
of competing at international events? Do you find them
very different from local or national trials?
NG: I actually need to get some pressure in order to
perform at my best; I need that adrenaline to flow to get
the highest concentration on my run. They are actually
different because I
m running against the best people
out there and it
s the biggest motivation for me to do my
best with my dog and try to get in front of all of them. I
really love those events! I don
t get stressed but I get
charged up and full of energy!
BF: Did you have any difficulty competing at both
international championship events?
NG: Luckily not! It was great fun in both!
BF: Did you enjoy the WAO? What were your favourite
aspects of the event?
NG: I found the WAO amazing! It
s nice to be able to run
many courses in a day, having more judges and
therefore different styles. The organization was very
good and the atmosphere is great; it
s like a big agility
BF: What was your favourite course?
NG: Probably Lee Gibson
s Agility 1 from the Individual
Pentathlon on Friday. A bit too tricky for many as first
course, but just the kind of course I like, where you
need technical skills and speed.
BF: Do you plan to attend the WAO next year?
NG: Yes definitely!
BF: Thanks so much for talking with me. Good luck with
your next international endeavour.
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