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Next, looking up to jumps 8, 9 and 10 the handler had two
options. The first, push-throughs or option two, run
through the gap between jumps 7 and 8 and do pull-
throughs. The push or pull-throughs are again really on a
straight line to prevent injuries in the wet conditions we
had on the day. I set the course up hoping that both my
winners would do push-throughs, as they are usually faster
and in this case, they get you in better position for the
wrong end tunnel (obstacle 13) coming up next in the
course. I got my wish, as both my Grade 6 and 7 chose
push-throughs here. Well done Stephen Sutherland for
winning Grade 6 and Amanda Ellerton for winning Grade
7, both very good runs.
Due to the weather, lots of people did not turn up for the
show, so I would have thought I hadn
t judged over 200
dogs. This was a nice way to break me into judging. I have
been asked many times since
did I enjoy judging? Hmm..
I think so
is the answer. I had to think all day about the
rules and I probably shouldn
t say it but I know I made two
mistakes. I shouldn
t say it because, as most people who
know me know, I am the first one to complain if a judge
makes a mistake
There have been lots of people who have encouraged me
to get judging and who also helped on the day. We were
one of the first rings to finish, which was nice. This was
down to a really well organised ring party. Thank you to
my friends Karen Hughes and Ian Balchin for helping ALL
day on my ring, much appreciated. Also to David Isbister
who was answering all my judging questions I had on the
lead up to my first judging appointment.
I have two more judging appointments for this year, no
rain please!
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UK Agility Press Release 15th June 2012.
UK Agility has recently been contacted by several of its members concerning KC Agility dogs who
compete in a high grade at KC who are still in the lower levels at UKA. Currently dogs can transfer across
from KC levels at the time of handler registration only. This is obviously a two sided issue with beginner
and novice handlers competing against dogs who are clearly above the level. However for dogs to
automatically progress through UKA levels due to KC results where you can progress to Grade 6 without
negotiating contact and weaves, not competing in games and with no proof of results, is the other side of
the discussion.
Using a common sense approach, being fair to the many UKA Beginner and Novice handlers, as well as to
reduce criticism to handlers who have achieved a high level of success at KC; it has been decided with
effect from 18th June 2012 that any dog who has won a KC Championship Certificate can automatically
transfer to UKA Champion level in both the Steeplechase and
Performance programs. We have decided that this transfer can
occur due to the fact that dogs that have won a CC are performing
to a very high level and handlers have to prove their Grade 7 status
by including their four Grade 6 wins on the CC entry form.
Handlers must email to request this
transfer and receive an approval back from UK Agility.