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Bringing Up
The Training of Jacirra Bertie Boy
By Jackie Gardner
Bertie Boy is nearly 6 months old, and we have had a few
issues that have caused us lose focus on our training
I have had some building work done on the house, with a
garage conversion and a new kitchen being fitted.
Having builders in the house all the time and having to
restrict the dogs to small areas of the house had a toll on
them. Poor Thomas packed his bags and decided he would
prefer to live in the garden. Del just became ultra-clingy
and Bertie spent a lot of his time doing as many naughty
things as he could, which usually involved stealing things,
running off, and climbing on the work surfaces. My little
angel was gone and the devil really had taken over.
I remember Alan being impressed that Bertie always came
back when called, which JD didn
t do for a long time. We
were having lots of fun training and he was really getting it,
but then with all the turmoil going on at home, all of a
sudden this stubborn side came through and he refused to
do anything unless he was given food for it.
Then I had the trauma of my big old boy Glen going rapidly
downhill again. Glen has started to be very hard work.
As long as I help him up he can potter around and he still
enjoys his food, and he even joins in the training still. But
he has now started demanding my attention by yipping
constantly, and it has been making me really stressed and
my back is killing through having to keep lift him up all the
time. Then I took him to the vets for his monthly injection
and tablets. I saw a new vet and he wanted me to have
Glen PTS. As you can imagine I was in pieces. But when