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Glen walked himself to the scales to be weighed the vet
actually said that he agreed Glen wasn
t ready to go
anywhere yet.
So with all this stress going on my focus on Bertie
training got side-tracked a bit and that
s why I think he
started to be really naughty as I meant he got the attention
he wanted.
To help me get back on track I went over to see Mary Ray.
Mary is amazing. She had Bertie looking like a
Championship obedience dog in about 5 minutes. She is so
motivational and encouraging and she said that Bertie had
so much drive that he needs to work, and that he will be
fine. She helped me get my focus back, and gave me some
simple exercises to work on. When I go and train with
Mary again she
ll hopefully see a huge improvement in my
little boy.
So it was back to basics for Bertie really, but strangely the
one thing he is still struggling with is a down stay, which is
so important to me for when I start doing his agility.
He went for a play date recently over David Howard
house, to play with Dave
s new pup Chaz. Chaz is 5 weeks
younger than Bertie, but he seemed to be doing a lot more
things. Dave had him standing on all sorts of things, steps,
crates, buckets and planks. He then had Chaz walking
along the plank and then onto his step and bucket like a
little obstacle course. I
d never done anything like this with
Bertie, and what was amazing was Bertie watched what
Chaz was doing and then looked at me and said I can do
that. He just went over to the little obstacle course and
attempted to complete it. At first he couldn
t manage to
keep his legs on the plank, but when he
d had a couple of
goes, he was really enjoying along it, standing on the
bucket and step. He is such a clever boy really, and he is
so loving.
The other thing that we now need to deal with is around
the rings at shows. Now Bertie has been to shows most of
his life and has been around the ring from 4 months old. I
never had a problem with him, and he paid no attention to
what was going on in the rings, but then at Beacon, our
club show, he wouldn
t stay in the garden. Again this was
probably because of lack of attention on my part, because I
was busy with the show, but I also thought it would be a
one off. But sadly it was just the start, and now if I turn my
back on him he
s off, so another thing I really need to work
on. This got really bad at Hinckley, so thank you to all the
people who brought him back. Although again this may
have been because he didn
t get the attention he wanted
as I was judging the Large Championship Classes.
On the Saturday of Hinckley I had a break in judging and
went to check on Bertie and he wasn
t himself, he was
lying very quiet in his cage with the door open, which
t like him. Luckily Rachel Mowbray (vet) was
attending the show, and I got her to have a look at him.
She found an abscess on his foot which she lanced and
then bandaged him up from toes to shoulder, and gave
him anti-biotics. This then caused another delay in his
training as I needed to make sure that his foot was healed
s training is now
continuing with lots of fun
obedience, but I have also
introduced the rigid tunnel.
He could already do the
tunnel as Thomas (one of
s other dogs) taught
him how to do it. In fact
perhaps I should just get
Thomas to teach him
everything as he adores my
crazy boy.