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Thames DTC
Finals Report
Large Champ, Judged by Rob Davies
Jumping Round
Agility Round
First up Sian Illingworth set the scene for what would
become the bogie obstacle
jump 2. Because the dog
t worked up any speed coming over jump 1, it turned
very tightly into 2 and the pole came down. This error was
repeated by Lucy Osborne and Ben, Ann Harmes and
Noonoo, Karen Marriott and Puzzle.
Simon Peachey incurred 5F for a refusal when he pulled
away from 5 too early, brining DJ with him. Gary Murphy,
who has stolen wife Helen
s dog, (just kidding
hear it
quite amicable!) proved worth of Mitch Linman with a
super clear in 38.802.
Leslie Osborne was one of the few to run up with the dog
walk on his right to push his dog into the tunnel at 4.
Unfortunately that tactic didn
t work and Fizz took the
wrong end.
Next to Natasha Wise, the person I love watching work
their dog best of all is Jo Tristram. Always quiet and
controlled, they seem to have such a lovely partnership and
Bitz is poetry in motion. (And I know quite a few men
d say the same about the handler!) Lovely clear in
38.052 and into the lead.
Fresh to the World Champs 2012 squad, Laura Chudleigh
underscored her worthiness to be there with a blinding run
in 35.410.
, said Andrew Dicker. An
understatement, thought I. Very, very impressive.
Charlotte Harding is another very watchable handler and
this round was no exception. Unfortunately a wide run
from 2 and onto the dog walk cost her, which just shows
you cannot afford to miss a trick at this standard. Clear in