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Hello, I
ve recently joined and
received my first magazine.....I LOVE
IT!!!! It
s really interesting, full of
useful information and great reviews. I
love looking through the courses that
have been used.
m a veterinary nurse and found the
What price cheap veterinary care?
article by Manda Scott very true. I
work in a 24hr first
opinion/referral/A&E practice which
works to a very high standard in all we
do. Unfortunately the cheap
vaccination and spay
clinic that
opened nearby has taken a few of our
clients. Fortunately quite a few of
them have realised the low quality of
care they give and have returned to
us. I wish more people could read the
article and understand why we have
higher prices but it means a higher
level of care.
I read the introductions page and
thought I
d introduce myself.
I am 28 and new to the sport of agility.
After watching it for many years on
Crufts, in 2009 I finally had the
opportunity to have my own dog. On
the 25th June his litter was born and
on the 17th August I went to collect
the small bundle of fluff, now known
as Marley. It took two hours to get to
Worcester and five hours back in the
traffic and he was a little star the
whole way. Marley has been my best
friend ever since. He
s got me
through the tough times and at the
end of a stressful day at work he
always there with a wagging tail and a
wet nose in your ear.
In January 2011 we joined Wilmslow
DTC where we have met a lot of great
people with so much useful advice for
me on how best to guide Marley
around agility courses. We started
competing in December and in the last
few months we
ve achieved a few
clear rounds and a 1st in Jumping!!
After competing in a few weekend
shows I think we
ve been thoroughly
bitten by the Agility bug and cannot
wait until the next show.
Marley is a fantastic dog who follows
my every move throughout the
courses. I hope I can do him proud
and maybe one day we can make it to
Heather Monk
and Marley
started doing Agility
just for fun
with my Labrador Fife.
We were soon totally hooked, and right up until the end of
his life Fife adored Agility, with one of my favourite pictures
being the attached of Fife just a few weeks before he died,
enjoying Veterans.
s sons Oak (Black) and Ash (Yellow) now enjoy Agility
too. Oak is a little star, and absolutely loves it, even
managing to get places sometimes despite my bad handling!
The twisty, turny handling courses really suit him, as
although he is fast for a Labrador, there is no way he would
catch a collie on a sprinting course. However Oak is very
obedient, and turns beautifully, so a
course really
suits him
that is if his dopey handler (me!) can get it right!
Ash really prefers the social side of Agility to the twisty
Katy Parrott with
Labradors Oak and Ash