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courses, chatting to other dogs and handlers in the queue is
the highlight!, although he does enjoy racing alongside of me
on a helter skelter course
I think he thinks if he is running,
then so should I!
My Labradors love cold weather, and hate the heat, so when
others are muttering about the awful forecast I am delighted,
and packing my waterproofs with pleasure, knowing my boys
will run much better in the wet than the sun!
I have made so many friends through Agility, both training
and at shows
it truly is a way of life!
Thanks for a great club!
I have recently joined the Agility Club and decided to
send an introduction from me and my dogs.
I am Scottish but have been living in West Sussex for
over 10 years now. Originally I did competitive
obedience with my older collies but found agility with
my red and white collie boy Glen. I had seen and even
done a very little bit of agility when I was still in
Glasgow but never took it further until about 3 years
I train Glen at Highdown Agility Club based in Ferring,
West Sussex. It is a really friendly club full of people
and dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages!! I started
competing with Glen and found that I was getting even
more addicted but my lovely steady collie doesn
t really
like to run faster than me (and I don
t run very fast) so
decided to look for another dog to hopefully train and
compete with. Molly is that dog. She came from
Valgrays Border Collie Rescue and is a fantastic, loving
dog, very quick and keen and when I get my act
together we do some very nice work. She started
competing this year and is very excitable at shows but
we are getting there, gaining our first KC placing at
Keston in June - 7th in G1 Jumping. Glen continues to
compete, usually getting clears but not placings.
I absolutely adore my dogs and am glad that my long
suffering husband doesn
t mind me heading off to
shows most weekends. I am also grateful for the
support that Highdown Club gives all of its members at
shows and in training, we are usually there in a noisy
group cheering each other at presentations!
Sandra Ross,
Molly and Glen