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With the show season in full swing Pia
and I are busy competing every
weekend at the moment (like most of
you I expect!). Our wet and windy trip
away at the beginning of June got off
to a good start at the Dartford /
Keston weekend where we managed
do the double
in a Graded 6,7
class, with Oz winning the G7 and
Sola winning the G6
moving her up
into G7! Pia ended the week in style
by coming third with Sola in the G6-7
Olympia heat at Thames, so she
through to the semis in September
fantastic achievement with a young
dog. I finished the week away with a
judging appointment at Thames
where due to the
not judging other
rule I
d been allocated mostly
Grade 1 and 2 classes. I always find
these interesting due to the wide
range of abilities (and breeds!) they
include. Having mentioned falls in the
ring last month I managed to end up
flat on my face at Axstane after
colliding with Oz there, no harm done
though and we still managed to get
round (clear) inside the course time!
One of the things you have to keep an
eye out for as a judge is the use of
treats/titbits. Just to be clear, having
food in your hand is not allowed in the
ring. Some people seem to think it
OK to feed a treat on the start line or
directly after the finish, but doing this
within the ring boundaries will result
in elimination if spotted.
Another thing that cropped up
recently was the issue of judges (or
rather their friends, family, etc.) using
of a course as an
impromptu (and sometimes lengthy)
training session. What is permitted at
KC shows is quite straightforward
the judge is allowed to run his/her
own dog round the course to check it.
Nobody else should be working a dog
in the ring before the show starts.
Finally on the
theme I
d like
to mention re-runs. Most people are
aware that re-runs now have to be
from scratch, i.e. a completely new
run. This means judges should be
careful about the circumstances in
which they award one
the handler
who incurred faults (or even an
elimination) before a timing problem
occurred could go clear if allowed a
re-run, potentially then getting a place
or even winning the class. So please
t be too generous; no handler has
an automatic right to a re-run - it
entirely your decision!
Something I
ve been asked to remind
people about is that in our annual
awards a dog can only be in one table
during any given year (October 1st to
September 30th). So it
s not possible
to have (for example) a dog listed
under both its relevant size/grade
AND junior or veteran handler. You
need to decide at the start of the year
which category it will be entered in,
and claim points appropriately.
As I write we are a few days from a
midweek show meeting where we
be reviewing the entry numbers and
making final arrangements (many
thanks to Virginia for both hosting this
and feeding us!). I
d like to take this
opportunity to congratulate all our
Club members who have been invited
to the Starters Challenge and Junior
Finals, and wish you the very best of
luck at the show.
s it for now, see you by the rings!
Best regards,