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I would like to thank Yvonne Croxford and Hinckley DTC
for asking me to judge the Large Championship Classes at
their show this year. I having been judging Championship
classes for about 10 years now, and am regularly blown
away by the standard of the dogs in the class.
I spend a lot of time and thought putting together my
courses, and hope that they are appreciated by the
competitor. I never make my course too hard so that they
t flow, although they are always very testing when
completed at speed. I also set a really tight agility course
time, as I do not want people walking around the course
and practising contacts and still qualify for the finals, so
unless they really go for it and stay on the exact line of the
course, they will be out of time, and could risk someone
with just 5 faults beating them in the places.
On this occasion the final round was a collaboration
between myself and Kate Howard as Hinckley had
requested that the Final course be the same for all the
heights of dogs.
The winner of all three Large rounds was Anthony Clarke
who was, as usual, on top form. Well done to all that took
part and to all the finalist, and especially to Ant.
1st Anthony Clarke and Blazing Red of Rujacc
2ndLaura Chudleigh and Flickcee Hot Rod
1st Amy Lawson and Millieon to One
2ndLouise Eden and Clanavon Misty Shadow
1st Steve Richardson and Ag Ch Noworries Sweeps Dreams
2ndAngela Sallis and Oliver The Dark One
Jackie Gardner
Hinckley Championship Jumping Round
Hinkley Championship Agility Course
Hinkley Championship Final 2012