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As it happens I had the worst Crufts ever. I fell over in the
main arena (see Crufts funniest moments on the Internet). I
let my junior team down by missing the last two jumps out as I
walked the course wrong and basically managed to get eliminated
or pick up faults in all the other classes.
Talk about embarrassment! In the middle of the main
arena on her bum! What was I supposed to do?
The final straw came when I was waiting at the main arena
benches on the last day and the security guards made us
move on as they were preparing for the Best In Show.
I bet they don
t do that next year.
I had to carry two cages, all our stuff and walk three dogs all
the way to the top hall through all the crowd. I was in tears
by the time I got there.
Not as bad as the year when she left my box open and I
went walk about by myself around Crufts and I ended up
being taken to the vets and examined. Big mistake and a little bit
scary I have to say.
Unfortunately the confirmed weekend for the judges to
make their decision fell on the weekend I was meant to be at
Anthony Clark
s Junior Agility Open competition. So I
d just like
to send a big apology to my other team mates that I
d asked to be
in a team with me and my sister and then had to let them down.
That was really hard telling them I wouldn
t be able to make it
without giving the real reason. We
d been told that if it leaked
that we
d made it to any stages of the show before they
d been
televised we could jeopardise our position on the show.
s what makes me laugh about you humans. I
d been
telling all my mates about the score right from the first
audition. It was common knowledge on the circuit what I
d been
up to. Some regard it as a blatant slur on all things canine but
come on guys I haven
t exactly dyed myself pink and worn a tutu.
It was the day of the Bretford Easter agility show on the 7th
April that our lives changed and the Cardiff audition was
shown on television. We
d managed to stay pretty low key up
unto then, even going to Wye Valley the weekend before and
winning the Medium Championship ticket.
My life hasn
t changed that much. I still have to sleep in
the utility room with the other two dogs and I still only get
my usual food with the odd special treat if Mum feels I
ve done
good, plus more days out but apart from that it
s pretty much the
same. One thing I don
t like about this new life is the amount of
baths I
m having to have. What
s wrong with a bit of dinner in my
beard or grass stains on my paws?
I was so nervous all day at the agility show but a little bit
relieved that it was finally going to be shown and I wouldn
have to tell anymore little white lies. We decided to meet around
a friend
s house to watch the show that evening and it was quite
emotional with lots of hugs and congratulations after our bit was
At this point I would like to say that I was left at home in
the utility room......great!
If I thought I didn
t have to tell anymore white lies after the
first audition was shown I was very much mistaken. At this
point I
d already been to the London judges
decision weekend
and knew we were through to the live shows. So when
everybody was congratulating me and asking what happened next
I had to say I didn
t know.
I was telling everybody at this point that if they wanted to
stand next to me in an agility queue it would cost them for
the privilege. Call me big-headed but I was milking it for all it was
What was really happening was us trying to sort out what
routine I would do next and come up with some catchy
music. I
d decided I liked the Mission Impossible tune but I
needed two tunes just in case we got any further. We thought a
mix of the Ghostbusters tune and Thriller worked so we
submitted them to the production team. We then waited and
waited. It took them nearly 5 weeks before coming back to us
with the Peppy & George music from the Artist film, as that was
the music Simon Cowell felt suited us best. So it was a mad rush
to get a routine together in such a short space of time.
The music Simon Cowell liked was rubbish.
How Much Is
That Doggie In The Window
Who Let The Dogs Out
would have been better. Who was he, trying to compare me to
Uggie in the Artist film, that dog is a true legend. Now Mission
Impossible was a different kettle of fish - fun and upbeat, my kind
of tune.
We had lots of problems with Pudsey getting him into the
Peppy & George routine - he just didn
t seem to like it and
would be easily distracted during it. I find we both only perform
any routine at its best when we
re a hundred percent sure of it
and we know what trick or movement is coming next.
As I
ve already said boring music.
As we got closer to the live shows we trained harder and
longer and then the panic set in when we realised we had to
learn the next routine just in case we got through. We only had
three weeks in which to do it. I needn
t have worried. As soon as
I let Pudsey do a seesaw and a tunnel at the beginning of the
Mission Impossible routine he was into it straight away and he
loved performing it.
m not that easily swayed. It was more to do with the
We spent so much time at our club
s agility field practising
although we had to be careful nobody saw what we were
doing but it must have made for a funny sight with me sometimes
rolling around in the wet muddy grass perfecting a move. Not to
mention the times I had other club members pretending to be
dancers or even judges sitting at a table and Pudsey running
across it.