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So let
s get this right
m not allowed to go on the tables
at home and now you wanted me to run across one? Talk
about confusing. OK so we won
t mention the pizza I once
swiped off a picnic table. As I see it, it shouldn
t have been left
All the hard work paid off and although we had a couple of
little changes of directions or wrong turns on the night, we
improvised and Pudsey was brilliant, he wasn
t fazed by anything.
In fact I had to wake him up to go on stage and if you watch the
performance I only just managed to get his lead off and throw it to
one side before the music started.
With my good looks I need all the beauty sleep I can get.
The week between the semi -final and the final show was
manic. With us appearing on all the daytime television
programmes and having numerous interviews, we hardly had time
to perfect our last routine.
I rather liked the cushion on the sofa of the Daybreak sofa
and was considering getting better acquainted with it
when they cut the interview and I was kicked off the sofa. I
m an
animal with animal urges!
We knew that Pudsey liked the final routine and it had been
a gamble not to perform that one in the semi-final but we
knew it had the wow factor and we were so grateful to be able to
perform it.
I still can
t believe and remember all that happened on the day of
the final, it
s still a bit of a blur. I know all the other contestants
were really nice and we all supported each other. I really hope
that they all make a career out of the experience.
Yeah but the best guy won in the end!
s really strange but when it came to performing the
routine I didn
t feel nervous just so pleased and honoured to
be there showing everybody what we enjoy doing. I couldn
stop myself from smiling as we were lowered from a high platform
to the stage to begin the performance.
Did anybody check with me to see if I can cope with
heights? No, they didn
t. I nearly left a nasty stain on that
red chair.
I was in total shock when they announced us as winners and
am still eternally grateful to all those who voted for us. I was
a blubbering wreck when Ant & Dec pushed the microphone at
me and I just kept saying it was
and said about Pudsey
being a bit
, which isn
t even a word.
I am not the Diva. I maybe a bit highly strung but I wasn
the one demanding to have my hairstyle changed for the
final as it made her look too boyish. Oh no, that wasn
t me. Now
ask who
s the Diva?
ve been told about everybody at the Beacon and
Godmanchester agility shows that night gathering together
to watch and support us plus everybody else from the agility
circuit. The support has been so humbling and I will eventually
get to thank all of you personally. I also can
t forget my own club
Wellingborough without whose support and encouragement, plus
the use of their equipment and field we wouldn
t have made it as
far as we did. They also covered the entire town centre in posters
and had hundreds of T-shirts printed.
All those wonderful pictures of me everywhere. I bet it
looked amazing.
My last and most important thanks go to my family, to my
sister Tayla who has had to miss out on all the agility shows
that we
d entered, my brother Brett who doesn
t seem in the
slightest bit fussed by it all, my dad who now allows me to do
tricks in the living room with Pudsey, before he wasn
t even
allowed in the living room let alone practise tricks.
Just as well Tayla and Gucci haven
t been able to make too
many shows. They are proving to be stiff competition not
just at agility and heelwork to music but also in the cuteness
stakes. I
ll have to keep my eye on that chap just in case he tries
to upstage me.
My mum who has been my main encourager, selecting the
music, helping with the routines and generally just being
there for me all the time, thanks a million.