Page 9 - The Sample Voice 02-13

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Having to put up with Ashleigh
s teenage strops.
So what next for us? I still want to go to as many agility
shows as possible but the promotional work, more television
appearances, attending photo shoots and a possible trip to the US
are making it difficult.
Promotional work! Well what an insult! Do you know we
had to attend the premier of the new Spiderman film the
other night? I was so looking forward to a bit of full on spiderweb
action - I love those films. We got there, walked up the red carpet
all dolled up to our nines, camera
s flashing, in the front door of
the cinema and then straight through and out the back door and
home! Dogs aren
t allowed in the cinema! I call that
discrimination. I was disgusted.
So hopefully I will still make some shows but we might
struggle to get around a course with the lack of agility
training we
re doing.
m a finely tuned athlete in the peak of my condition. I
be alright. Can I point out one last thing to everybody:
Ashleigh, in her wisdom, has decided to also run my daughter
Crumpet at agility shows. How come people get us mixed up?
We look nothing alike - for starters I
m a dog she
s a bitch.
See you all soon at some point.