Increase and change in membership from today 1st April 2021.

At the AGM on 28th February 2021 the members present voted to agree the new membership structure and pricing.
From 1st April the following memberships will be available:
Classic Membership (Monthly printed magazine)
New member single: £40
New member Family: £42
Renewal Single £35
Renewal Family £37
E-Membership (online magazine)
New member Single: £30
New member Family: £32
Renewal single £25
Renewal Family £27
The first printed issue of the magazine will be from May onwards. You will all be on the classic membership until you renew at which point you can choose the membership you would like to continue with.
We plan to run this pricing and membership structure for 2 years and we will then review.
More details were in the March issue of The Agility Voice Magazine.