Starters Final

About The Challenge

The Agility Club Starters Challenge is one of the finals held at The Agility Club Championship Show and has now been running since 1997.

There are heats held at various shows throughout the country and each one is an agility class available for anyone to enter for combined grades 1-2. However, only the highest placed Agility Club member can qualify for the final so it is important that you keep your membership up-to-date to save disappointment!

Please ensure that your contact details including an up to date email address are correct on your membership details. All contact regarding qualification and details for the Final will be made by email.

Please make sure that when entering any of the Agility Club Starters Challenge qualifying heats. That your Name and the spelling of your name match the details on your Agility Club membership. Failure to do this may result in you not qualifying for the Final.

Starters Agility Challenge Rules

Agility Club Large, Intermediate, Medium & Small Starters Agility Challenge 2022 Rules.

1/ The competition will be run under the relevant Kennel Club Regulations in force at that time. Handlers will be deemed to have agreed to abide by these rules and regulations. Dogs will compete at their measured height.

2/ Each Heat is open to all Grade 1-2 dogs of the correct size for each heat, each heat will offer awards for the heights on offer as follows;

Rosettes to a minimum of 10%,

Trophies <30 = 1st, between 30 and 60 = 1st & 2nd, over 60 = 1st – 3rd

3/ ONLY dogs handled by an Agility Club member at the time of competing (date of joining/renewal must be prior to the first day of the show) may qualify for the Final. In order to compete in the Final you must also be a current member of The Agility Club on the day of the final.

4/ The competition will normally consist of up to twenty Heats. The highest placed Agility Club member in each Heat will go through to the Final, providing they have achieved an awarded place as detailed in paragraph 2.

5/ Both handler and dog may only qualify once for each height Final. Each handler and dog pairing may only qualify once for the Final. In the event of the highest placed dog(s) having qualified previously, the next highest placed dog will qualify. The Agility Club reserves the right to call on the next placed Agility Club member if the highest placed is unable to attend the final.

** The show secretary must be informed if a handler or dog that has already qualified for the same height final is placed in a subsequent heat.