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The Agility Club is the largest non profit making Kennel Club registered agility club within the UK. The Club was conceived in 1983, during the early days of agility with the sole purpose of giving all competitive handlers a ‘voice’ within their sport.

Since those early days, The Agility Club continues to maintain that core value, we produce a monthly magazine called “The Voice” which has just about everything and anything about agility in it. A must-read for agility competitors from Beginners to Champ.

We host a 3 day Championship and Premier Kennel Club show at the South of England Showground, where you can have a chance of running in our Invitational Finals. We also host Kennel Club qualifiers for The Agility Stakes at the London International Horse Show and Crufts.

We also run The Annual Awards, in which individual club members can enter their placings from KC shows throughout the year into a league format and be in the chance of “winning the league”, these points can also be associated with members training clubs giving them all a chance of their training club becoming Club League Champions.

We may not be a training club, but we do give members the opportunity to go to seminars on both becoming an agility instructor or even a judge.

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So you think you want to do agility?

Dog agility involves the dog negotiating anything up to 20 obstacles, on a course designed by the judge, against the clock.

First seen as a display at Crufts in 1978, it was an instant hit, and here we are nearly three decades on and agility is a hugely popular international sport.

The fastest clear round is the winner, although practice is to place to 10% of the class (so if the entry is 100, places will go down to 10th) plus rosettes for unplaced clear rounds. Faults are incurred for all errors as well as exceeding the course time, and there are several ways of getting eliminated too. The two main types of class are agility and jumping (jumping classes do not have contact equipment in them, agility classes do), but there are many other types of fun class.

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Benefits of Agility Club Membership

  • Monthly full colour magazine, packed full of the latest agility news, stories, articles, training tips.
  • Certificates are available to members for dogs qualifying Out of Grades 1 through 6 and Qualifying for Grade 7
  • The Agility Club Annual Awards where all your competing dogs are eligible to gain points towards our prestigious awards.
  • Member only Instructor and Training seminars