Juniors and Veterans


The Agility Club Juniors Final is one of the finals held at the Agility Club’s Championship Show. The final is open to Juniors who are active members and registered in either the ‘Junior 12 and Under’ or ‘Junior Over 12’ leagues and have gained points by 1st June of the current league year.

In order to run in the final your membership must be valid on 1st June of the current league year at the Clubs Championship Show.

If your name is listed below, please check your details are correct and confirm your attendance by emailing juniors@agilityclub.org, with the subject Juniors Final 2019. In the body of your email please quote your name, the shirt size you would like to wear for the final and the height your dog competes at KC shows.

Veteran Handlers

As with the juniors we have a veteran handler league, this is open to all members over the age of 60.

The Veteran Final is held at the Agility Club’s Championship Show during on the Saturday evening along with our other finals, qualification is based on league position gained by 1st June of the current league year

You must have a valid membership on the date of the final to be able to run in this. If you would like to move to this league please contact annualawards@agilityclub.org

If you do wish to switch you must ask to move by the 31st March of the current league year, new members can join this league at any time.

Junior and Veterans League Placings