Annual Awards Rules

Annual Awards and Club League rules:

  1. Points are awarded on a sliding scale for places where the show awards a rosette, and unplaced clear rounds within the course time. Only awarded places included faulted rounds if your rosette has a number on it CLAIM IT.

In all categories, points will be awarded as follows for clear rounds:
1st – 24 points; 2nd - 22 points; 3rd - 20 points; 4th - 18 points; 5th - 16 points; 6th - 14 points; 7th - 12 points; 8th - 10 points; 9th - 8 points; 10th - 6 points.
For a placing greater than 10th, 4 points (AP11).

An un-placed clear round = 1 point.

In all categories, points will be awarded for faulted rounds as follows:
1st - 12 points; 2nd - 11 points; 3rd - 10 points; 4th - 9 points; 5th - 8 points; 6th - 7 points; 7th - 6 points; 8th - 5 points; 9th - 4 points; 10th - 3 points.
For a placing greater than 10th, 2 points (AP11).


There will an acknowledgement box before points are confirmed.

Failure to consistently enter points correctly will result in points being frozen and that member being suspended from the league for the current year.

  1. Categories for which league you should be in can be found at the bottom of this page.
  2. Only STANDARDclasses at a KC licensed Open show or KC licensed Limited show can be counted. i.e., only PROGRESSION classes qualify for points within the league. Championship Jumping and Agility qualifying rounds may be claimed for but not the Final,.
  3. Special Classes along with quarter finals semi-finals and finals or steeplechases DO NOT COUNT. The exception to these rules is Olympia 5-7 or the Medium 3-7 as they are progression classes.  Please email annualawards@agilityclub.orgif you are in any doubt.
  4. Points from junior handler classes may be claimed for dogs entered in either of the Junior Under/Over 12 categories.
  5. Within the points year a dog can only be entered in one league category under one owner/handler, this does not affect your KC progression.
  6. Results must be entered within one month(based on the last day for shows more than 1 day long), Final results for the current league year must be entered by 17:00 7 days after the leagues have closed.
  7. You will only be allowed to claim points from the day you joined The Agility Club, the only exception to this rule is when we have an I.T issue which causes members to miss deadlines. This will be assessed on a member-by-member basis and the decision of The Agility Club is final.
  8. Points claims must contain the show name, class number, agility or jumping, Graded or Combined including grade of class, when claiming for Champ classes please put an Aor J in front of the class number, Incorrect entries will be deleted you will be emailed and expected to enter them correctly. Show names will only be live for the 30-day entry period.
  9. In all league categories, points are for one dog only, i.e. points for more than one dog are not added together. Where two dogs have an equal number of points the number of wins will be used to determine which takes the higher place, followed (if necessary) by the number of 2nds, 3rds, if this is still equal Agility class wins will be considered.
  10. If your dog is listed as belonging to a club for the club league, it MUST train with the club at least 12 times a year. The Agility Club reserves the right to remove the club listed if you are not training with them on a regular basis. Appeals can be made to the committee to be voted on at the next committee meeting. Note - It is the clubs’ responsibility to advise if someone is not an active member. Clubs found to have and encourage non-active members to add points face sanctions to be decided by the committee including a possibility of a full ban from this year's leagues
  11. Club changes you will be able to move in a league year, points will be frozen and remain with the club you are moving from as per the date an email is sent to the annualawards@agilityclub.orgno other date will count and the email must be sent direct to this address. If you need to move clubs a second time, no club will receive your points as per the date of the email received by and your old points will remain with the old club.
  12. At the end of the year the top 3 clubs in each division will be promoted, and the bottom 3 relegated. Any other clubs with 0 points will also be relegated and the corresponding number promoted from the division below.
  13. We hold dog points for the current season and previous year results before this time will be deleted at the start of the season. It is the members responsibility to keep your own records for your warrant points and grade progression, we are not the Kennel Club we do not do this for you.
  14. Members are also responsibly for applying their own Win Out certificates, we do not manage this automatically.



We advise members to keep their own records offline for Kennel Club Warrant Points and Progression.

Points only count from the day you join so what are you waiting for?